Buy AAF-Herman Nelson wheel Parts

The wheel is an important part of the unit ventilator. Normally you will find that the AAF-Herman Nelson wheel part is designed with desiccant coating. The wheel functions by moving away sensible heat as well as moisture. These are normally transmitted from the exterior into the exhaust air within during the summer period. Likewise, they are also transmitted from the exhaust air into the exterior air coming in during the winter period. Further still,it allows entry of cool and dry exhaust air. This normally occurs on one side of the wheel which is constantly rotating. This chills the wheel allowing the desiccant coating to dry up. The chilled and dry part of the wheel will then turn around into the supply air. It has been designed to enable it to soak up heat as well humidity radiating from the fresh air that is coming in. Usually, this step will occur prior to the mechanical cooling of the air into room temperature. The wheel plays a crucial role in the overall operation of the unit ventilator.

The good thing is that it capable of reducing approximately 90% of the ventilation conditioning. This is advantageous because it allows one to save up energy. More to the point, this allows one to use smaller air-conditioning equipment. You do not have to purchase the huge equipment that will only lead to a crowded space.

Further still it has been designed with an automatic Purge which improves its functionality. This enables the wheel to operate automatically at a specific speed. This goes for about 10 seconds for every 30 minutes. Hence, it makes it easier to keep the surface clean and maintain the equipment.