Buy AAF-Herman Nelson water heater coil Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson water heater coil parts are currently the best in the market. A water coil is used as medium to transmit energy from water to an air stream. Heating coils are made up of a matrix copper tubes in which water flows through them. Energy is transferred directly from the water through the tubes to the air stream and vice versa.

They are built with different metal thicknesses according to their intended purpose. The size of metal thickness determines the amount of energy which the heater can contain. It analyzed and pulled all those elements and requirements together in order come up with different types of coils to meet the different needs of various users.

They are usually characterized by the amount of temperature in which they can with stand. There are three categories of water heaters namely:

--The ‘low-grade heaters’ abbreviated as the ‘LGHW’. This heater is generally recommended for use in temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius. They are mostly used in condensing boilers and in waste water which has had most of its heat lost.

--The medium-temperature abbreviated as ‘MTHW’ is another type. The amount of energy this type of heater can support ranges from 110 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius.

--The last type produced is called the High-temperature hot water abbreviated as ‘HTHW’. This heater can support a latent heat typically above 130°C.

--They are characterized by the anti-freeze content employed in manufacturing it. These coils are environmentally friendly and have been accepted by ARI to be fit for domestic use due to their low probability in causing harm as compared to others.