Buy AAF-Herman Nelson transformer Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson transformer part is necessary to enable rated cfm with all coils. This part features a low cost motor. In addition to that, it has been designed to work in static conditions. On the other hand though, this part is not compatible with either the Variable Frequency Drive or the Opto-Generic Device.

Further still,it is designed to enable the provision of multiple fan motor speed control. This functionality is achieved through the use of the speed switch. Note that the motor does not depend on the supply voltage that enables accumulation of one motor intended for several voltage applications.

It is a crucial component of the unit ventilator. This is because it supplies the control circuit power which can be found on the right end compartment of the unit ventilator. This is especially achieved with a 24 volt transformer.

In a unit ventilator, it is normal to find that it has been wired to the fan control switch. This is normally done in a bid to de-energize the 24-volt circuit during occasions when the switch has been placed in the off position. This de-energizing step is crucial for proper functioning of the unit ventilator. It is especially used to provide the 24-volt power supply which is required to ensure proper running of the unit ventilator. This part normally falls under the class 2 power source category. It is the transformer that will always control the fan motor speed. This is high speed, low speed, medium speed or off. It is still necessary to use since it enables the retention of common-mode noise to a greater extent. Furthermore, it also enables the isolation of dc. Always ensure that the transformer has been fixed properly.