Buy AAF-Herman Nelson thermostat Parts

AAF-Herman Nelson thermostat part ensures that a minimum air temperature is maintained in the room. It is designed with various features to improve its functionality. For instance it has a Ball Type Control Port which is necessary to increase the accuracy of the unit ventilator. It also features a lever which has been fitted with buttressed edges. This is important to increase the linearity of the equipment.

Moreover, also features a sensitivity and set point dial which can be adjusted. Apart from that, this crucial part has also been designed with a fundamental Hypodermic Needle Test Point. All these features enable proper functioning of the thermostat and the unit ventilation equipment at large. Further still, the rigid stem element has been designed with a plastic mounting bracket that is resistive to temperature. It is also possible for one to gain access to the plenum by simply taking out either the top or the front panel of the unit ventilator.

It is necessary to help to control a unit ventilator so that it does not go beyond 15 amps, 120 volts AC. It is important to note that when installing the thermostat, the sensor should not be blocked. Since it is normally situated at the back of the box, one is recommended to hang up the control box from one of the rafters.

Wiring must be done in accordance with the instructions. Always ensure that the cover has been removed before you begin the wiring. Also note that the fan is likely to go off if the thermostat is wired incorrectly. Incase you are not certain about how to go about it, it is always sensible to try to find help from somebody who is conversant.