Buy AAF-Herman Nelson outdoor motor Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson outdoor motor part is assembled using the direct drive model. Its speed is controlled by a factory mounted/installed multi-tap transformer to moderate low, medium and high speeds. This part contains a multiple coil face area per unit size.It suggests that an individual consult his/her local representative for a detailed information on the computer selection and design programs before making a coil purchase decision.

They are well insulated and contain an Electro-Fin epoxy coating. They are usually made of copper tubes to reduce the rate of erosion. They are surrounded by an aluminum fins to assist the heat transfer process.

It is well designed to give easy access to the coil for easy cleaning and maintenance. Outdoor motor size is usually proportional with the indoor motor size as well as the overall size of the ventilator unit to ensure a balanced functioning. They have their hot lines shielded by factory mounted fuses and contain sleeve type bearings made up of strong, resistant and heavy metals. The shaft bearings are located out of airstreams to avoid corrosion and need to be greased once per year.

They are usually grooved inside to increase surface area. They come in different types and sizes with a power range of 0.12 to 200 KWs.

They are readily available in selected AFF-Herman Nelson outlets and are economically sustainable. They are structured to conform to the requirements of the IIEC, the NEC, IEEE and U.L (underwriters’ laboratory), and conform to the rules and regulations of ARI. They are environmentally friendly and have been declared safe for domestic use. They are highly and readily available in major ventilation dealer shops at a lower and affordable price.