Buy AAF-Herman Nelson heating Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson heating part is usually responsible for the control of the temperature in the room. There are quite a number of heating selections for the unit ventilator. The heating occurs in the unit ventilator in three capacities. The low capacity is estimated at 65, the high capacity is estimated at 66 and there is also 3 row hot water capacity which is estimated at 67.

It can be either be used for the heating function only or it could also be used together with the chilled water or the direct expansion cooling coil. This combination is important to regulate the room temperature so that it is possible to keep it at the required levels. However, for situations where high heating capacities are required, the 3 row hot water capacity is used. This is especially applied in climates that are extremely cold or in during occasions when a great percentage of the outdoor air is used.

It is nevertheless vital to note that it is not feasible to use a 4 row together with a different 4 row cooling part. This is because the space in the unit is not usually big enough to have room for the total six rows of the heating and the cooling parts as combined. Therefore, this should be taken into consideration during installation.

Further still, it is important to note that it is not oversized. Rather it is recommended that one picks a heating part with a capacity that slightly goes beyond the required heating capacity of the unit ventilator. Therefore, it is important to first settle on the appropriate temperature as well as the heating capacity that is required for the supply of water so as to facilitate .