Buy AAF-Herman Nelson fan motor Parts

A unit ventilator has to be designed with a fan motor in order to facilitate proper functioning. The AAF-Herman Nelson fan motor part is normally positioned out of the air stream. What is more, its location is also away from the heating coil. This is important so as to enable reduction of exposure to heat in a bid to prolong life. This fan motor has been designed to have a low operating current together with wattage. This means that it is energy efficient.

Further still, the it has been designed with special features. These include a split – capacitor design which has been protected from thermal overload through an automatic reset. What is more, this fan motor is efficient because it has not been designed with brushes, centrifugal starting switches or contacts which are the origin of motor failure most of the time.

It also features a decoupled isolation system. This helps in the reduction of the transmission of vibrations, thereby enabling a quieter operation of the unit ventilator. More to the point, the fan motor has also been designed with a multi–tap as well as an auto transformer. These features enable the provision of speed control by means of the speed switch.

The features enable the part to operate without supply voltage. This enables the stocking of a single motor for a variety of voltage applications. For instance, one motor can be used school district wide. Therefore it is not only energy saving and efficient but also convenient. It is important to find out what fan motor size is required for a particular unit size. Note that the sizes differ and each one goes with a corresponding unit size.