Buy AAF-Herman Nelson coupling Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson unit ventilators are designed to provide a passive room temperature to its occupiers. The technique has been approved by many of its users as being effective and efficient.

The technique ensures maximum use of free out- door air cooling while reducing operating costs. The couples the bypass damper moisture regulator with the MicroTech II active and passive dehumidification control strategies, providing precise control of temperature and humidity levels.

AAF-Herman Nelson implemented the Draw-Thru design in order to execute the coupling plan effectively. This system has beaten many competitors in the market making the number one supplier of ventilation equipment to schools.

The coupling design offers maximum dehumidification providing optimal temperature control. This has been enabled by the separation of the indoor and the outdoor air streams (the humid out-door air is passed through the ice cold coil to remove moisture while the room air is by-passed around the coil).

The design maintains maximum condensate removal. It allows fans to draw moisture through the whole element of heat transfer instead of blowing it to areas of high concentration of the coil element.

The series of other benefits:

1. Low installation and operating costs- The design has on board a number of features which make it more economical in both retro-fit and new buildings.

2. The design is built to accommodate the architectural needs of a school making it more efficient to execute.

3. The number of built in and control flexibility advantages over other competing designs.

4. The design is built to use durable yet energy efficient fan motors as well as a lasting quality finishing.