Buy AAF-Herman Nelson cooling coil Parts

Before making a coil purchase decision, AAF-Herman Nelson suggests that an individual consult his/her local AAF-Herman Nelson representative for detailed information on the computer selection and design programs.

The parts are well configured to cater for the needs of different customers. Increased fin length, thickness, intermediate tube support and wide varieties of tube walls are some of the unique features have over the rest. Piping in water cooling coils is in accordance to the recommended industry standards imposed by the ARI. During installation, if the client requires a drainage coil, the installer is advised to install the coil in a horizontal position with the aid of a spirit level.

If the AAF-Herman Nelson cooling coil parts are banked on volumes of 2 to 3 piles high, it is recommended that a drain gutter be installed on the side at which the air escapes through on both sides of the coil in order to collect the condensate. The size of the pipe is chosen according to the pressure exerted on the circulating pump.

It recommends the use of the 5W water cooling coils for general purpose cooling. The 5W coils are heavy gauged and have a seamless header. This guarantees a long coil life because of the flexibility exhibited by the header in terms of compensating the normal expansion while in action.

All the parts are tested by installing 315 pounds of air pressure. They are easily replaceable and are readily available in major ventilation dealers across the globe. They are cheaper than any other cooling coils in the market and are built to provide long lasting services to their users. The AAF-Herman Nelson cooling coil parts are environmentally friendly and are built in accordance with the requirements of ARI.