Buy AAF-Herman Nelson contactor Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson contactor part is designed to enable easier resistance for the open wire electric resistance heat coils necessary for the unit ventilator. What is more, the contactor is usually enclosed within the unit ventilator. This is necessary to reduce the level of noise that is usually produced when the contactor is in operation. Further still, it is necessary that they are enclosed so that the noise level from the entire unit ventilator is reduced.

The unit ventilator is usually designed with a compressor contactor. It is therefore necessary to note that the AAF-Herman Nelson contactor part is a basic electrical component of the unit ventilator. That is why it should always be handled with care. One must ensure that it is in good condition so as to avoid electrical faults within the unit ventilator. Regular check up on this part is highly recommended. Further still, the unit ventilator is normally designed with an electromagnetic heating coil. This coil is fitted with high limit switches which can be auto reset. More to the point, the coil is usually rated for a specific KW at particular voltage depending on the capacity of the unit ventilator. Therefore, in order for the coils to be energized it is necessary to fix the AAF-Herman Nelson contactor part.

The unit ventilator is also designed such that the heating and the cooling control is staged. The heating will occur in two stages whereas the cooling will also in two stages. It is the AAF-Herman Nelson contactor part that is used to activate the heating and cooling stages. This is achieved by wiring the digital outputs to the contactor for every stage of the heating or cooling. Further still, the contactor is also necessary for the summation of the highest power draw ratings for devices that are run by the Excel controller.