Buy AAF-Herman Nelson condenser motors Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson condenser motors are usually matched to the size of the ventilator. They are assembled in a modular construction design so that they can be easily removed from the bottom of the unit for servicing. The motors are well designed to give easy access to the coil area to make maintenance and cleaning easy. Significantly, it functions at a low speed in order to reduce the amount of sound produced hence maximizing quietness. The motor size is usually proportional to the size of the ventilator unit to optimal functionality of the product. The part is assembled in a direct drive model with their speed being controlled by a factory mounted/installed multi-tap transformer to moderate low, medium and high speeds. The service valves of the remote condensing unit in the AAF-Herman Nelson condenser motor fans are made of brass for them to be able to maintain a high internal pressure. They also have a low ambient air temperature thermostat. All the sweat type tube connectors are well furnished.

The AAF-Herman Nelson condenser motor coils are well insulated and contain an Electro-Fin epoxy coating. The AAF-Herman Nelson condenser motor installers charge the system with refrigerant in accordance to the instructions of the manufacturer. They are well structured for a quick response to changes in moisture level. This is made possible by the unit-mounted temperature sensors installed on the AAF-Herman Nelson condenser fans.

The AAF-Herman Nelson condenser fans are designed with a tenant over-ride switch fixed adjacent to the Local User Interface (LUI) Touch Pad. This provides the user/tenant with an option to set and adjust time period as desired. The room temperature sensor in the AAF-Herman Nelson condenser fan is generally unit mounted. They are manufactured according to the requirements of the underwriter’s laboratory and adhere to the rules and regulations of the ARI. They have been fully subjected to scientific testing and declared fit for use in the house and are environmentally friendly. The AAF-Herman Nelson condenser motor conforms to the requirements of NEC, the IIEC, the IEEE ,etc.