Buy AAF-Herman Nelson chilled water coils Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson chilled water coils are made in accordance to the requirements of the ARI. Before making a purchase decision, AAF-Herman Nelson suggests that an individual consult his/her local AAF-Herman Nelson representative for detailed information on the computer selection and design programs.

The AAF-Herman Nelson chilled water coils meets both the total and sensible load expectations. They range from 300- 700 FPM. However, the recommended FPM size is 500- 600. For copper tube, a water velocity of not more than 8 FPS is recommended to avoid erosion on the tubes.

The AAF-Herman Nelson chilled coils are normally less than 54” fin height. This is important because the condensate draining at the high end of the coil loads up on the lower section of the coil causing reduced air flow. If The AAF-Herman Nelson height exceeds 54”, then it is advisable to bank two or more coils above one another to increase effectiveness in their performance. They are controlled by the use of two position control valves and their piping are in accordance with the recommended industry requirements.

The AAF-Herman Nelson chilled water coils use the HI-F5 and the E-F5 model types because of their ability to assist in drainability. They are both efficient and provide the required amount of heat transfer in relation to surface area. However, the E-F5 is more recommended due its smooth corrugated coil surface which aids low air pressure and limits the need for fan BHP.

In case of limitation in availability of the HI-F5 and the E-F5 model type , AAF-Herman Nelson recommends the use of the 5W cooling coils as an alternative. The 5W are heavy gauged and have a seamless header. This guarantees a long coil life because of the flexibility exhibited by the header in terms of compensating the normal expansion while in action.