Buy AAF-Herman Nelson air conditioners Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson air conditioners come in different configurations to meet the different needs of various clients. There are two types of air conditioners. These are the Mcquay packaged terminal air conditioners usually abbreviated as the PTACs and the Mcquay self contained air conditioners.

The Mcquay packaged terminal vary in size. The most commonly used measures 16" x 42" and has a Heat Pump of up to 7,900-16,600 Btuh. The second measures1.8.2 16" x 42 and contains a Heat Pump with a Top-Mounted Hydronic Heat of 7,900-16,600 Btuh. The third type is called the comfort package which measures 16 x 42 and has a heat pump of 7,500-14,500 Btuh.

The model PTAC contains replaceable units of three types namely K, J and PDAC/PDHP. Model K has a 6,800 - 20,000, Btuh Room Air Conditioner while model J has a size 9,400-11,300, Btuh Room . The third model (PDAC/PDHP) is sized at 7,900-16,600 Btuh.

The self contained units are characterized according to their intended purpose (could be for a new building/construction or for retrofits). For a new construction, The self contained  units model SWP 15-125 is recommended while for retrofits and renovations the SWT 15-45 model is recommended.

The self contained are built to deliver continuous comfort to their users. They are engineered using the GentleFlo air moving system. This system was developed to ensure smooth and quieter services to clients.

The AAF-Herman Nelson self contained air conditioners are generally cheap to install and very economical to maintain. This has helped them in retaining a competitive edge in the market making AAF-Herman Nelson one of the biggest manufactures in the industry. AAF-Herman Nelson is readily available in a number of selected outlets.