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Honeywell company  has a vast portfolio of solutions for the industrial segment. is the most commonly implemented solution. has developed system standards for coal, oil, gas, and multi-fuel-fired s, which leverages the expertise gained from the implementation of many different projects.

In the past, s in an industrial complex were considered unnecessary. However, business managers of today know that s are required to maintain maximum steam generation efficiency and reliability, and to comply with stringent air emission and safety regulations. To achieve this goal, modern are crucial.

Reduction of operating costs is a default method to increase profitability. Reducing fuel expenses associated with your s can directly impact manufacturing costs. A huge reduction in fuel bill can be expected with the implementation of ’s solution.

The key functions of aunit include ignition, logic and digital . These units use a microprocessor system that integrates for a number of gas, fuel, steam and hot water s. These electronics can be fitted with standard housing, custom-built housing or bare board housing.

Some types of from are:

  • Ignition
    The ignition units has features like automatic startup and for gas fired, fan assisted and direct gas burners. There is also a safe start check, automatic spark ignition and "ionisated" flame supervision. The Combined Valve and Ignition (CVI) system is perfectly designed for residential, domestic and gas fired s, combination /warm air furnaces and water heater units containing automatic ignition systems.
  • Logic
    Logic by can provide many options to any . Options include DHW (Domestic Hot Water) temperature , which add even more cost-effective options and recirculation loop commands. A logic can also maintain and electrically oversee CH temperature, water rise and valve, pump and fan speed .
  • Combined Valve
    This is a Digital from . 's CVBC unit (otherwise known as the Combined Valve ) to combine both gas and electronic authority in one pad. Both safety and non-safety functions are included in every ler among other features like safe light up and main burner flame supervision. There are four CVBC model options provided by that are also designed to enhance and manage DSI or IP ignition systems as well.

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