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From residential furnace to commercial air moving applications, offers a full line of products to suit the needs of the customer. The standard of GE is NEMA 48 and 56 frame s have been industry leaders for many years, and provide quiet, comfortable, and reliable operations. This GE electric presented by the shows some features and benefits: This GE has a multi-speed operation which optimizes its efficiency. The shafts of GE are standardized and can easily allow the operation with many different wheels. s are available with quick-connect terminals for easy installation. Many different s mountings are compatible, including the belly brands, resilient base, standard lug mount, or GE’s special Torsion Flex lugs. The GE s are good at moisture resistance and line transient suppression. This product serves the indoor market for almost all residential HVAC systems and many commercial air distribution systems. The wide speed range of GE , high efficiency and programmability give them virtually unlimited range of performance characteristics, which results in a highly reliable, field proven, convenient package.