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Indoor air quality is very important in any establishment. Building owners invest in heating, ventilation and air conditioning to provide tenants with a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality. Energy efficiency rating should be highly considered when purchasing equipment for buildings. The efficiency of the heating and cooling unit will depend on the parts used. Damper actuators and control valves are essential for control systems.

Being in the business since 1975, Belimo is considered to be the top control manufacturer uses state of the art equipment to manufacture long-life damper actuators and control . The company commits to producing reliable parts so customers can enjoy optimum performance from their heating and cooling systems are made to help  manufacturers reach their goals in terms of efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction. The company is focused on product innovation and the expansion of their product lines for damper actuators and control in order to meet the demands of the industrial and commercial markets.

Broken damper actuators can cause heating and cooling problems. This is used to adjust the flow of air. it is a world leader when it comes to producing high quality actuators. Some of the actuators that manufactures include the spring return actuator, the standard non-spring return actuator and the custom non-spring return actuator.

Belimo control are made to withstand high pressure and high temperatures. They have a vast array of control valves such as butterfly , globe , electronic ball , high temperature , pressure independent and zone valves.

Belimo offers maximum functionality for your heating and cooling system. The damper actuators and control valves are flexible, sothey can be used with other brands’ in your system. Since they focus in providing for heating and cooling systems, much research is invested in control innovation. Belimo is also committed to preserving the environment. The materials that they use for their product are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient.

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