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Belimo is a pioneer in providing actuator and valve technology for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They provide an extensive range of products that offer unparallel performance that are available at very nominal prices. Belimo offers a special range of fire and smoke dampers that not only increase safety but also reduce energy consumptions. can be categorized under Damper spring-return actuators and non-spring return actuators.

Belimo Damper Non-Spring Actuators

The non-spring return actuators are divided into (a) rotary actuators, and (b) full-rotation actuators.

There are 4 actuator models that use a rotary system:

The major difference between the four is torque power, each actuator having a different setting. Another great difference between the four non-spring return rotary actuator series is the damper size they each possess.

LM.A: The smallest LM.A series produces a torque rating of 5 Nm and LM.A is perfect for dampers of up to approximately 1m².
NM.A: The NM.A series can go up to double that size and the dampers of up to 2m² for the NM.A series.
SM.A: The SM.A series can produce a torque power of 20 Nm, which is four times bigger than the LM.A. Dampers of up to approximately 4m² for the SM.A series.
GM series: The GM series can go up to a ground-braking 36 Nm torque power rating, so if you need power over size, this last actuator is exactly what you need. Dampers of up to approximately 7.2m² for the GM series.

A direct proportion can be set between damper space and torque rating of each actuator, because by dividing the torque power rating by 5, we can find out what the approximate damper size will be.

Belimo Damper Spring Return Damper spring return actuators only hold rotary actuators, divided into four models.

TF: The smallest model, the TF has a torque rating of 2 Nm, a universal spindle clamp of 6 to 12 mm, its parameters can be set accordingly to your needs and is perfect for 0.4 m² dampers.
LF: Next in line, the LF series have doubled the amount of torque power that the TF could withstand: 4 Nm. The universal spindle clamp’s size ranges from 8 to 16 mm and this model is also multifunctional (its parameters can be set). The LF is fit for 0.8 m² dampers.
AF: This model has 15 Nm torque power, 10-20 mm universal spindle clamp size, safety functions and they are both fit for 3 m² dampers.
AFR: AFR, share a lot of features of AF, except that the AFR’s parameters cannot be set up, making it less multifunctional. Besides this fact, the models are almost identical.

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