Buy Belimo Control Valves & Motorization Ball Valves

Offering services in air and water solutions, the USA Company is internationally renowned for their high quality, reliable parts and tools. for systems have always been especially acclaimed, due to their simplicity and high-standard value.


  • for heating
  • for ventilation
  • for refrigeration
  • for air conditioning
  • shut-off
  • change-over
  • motorization

are used in general systems, and they require a pipe connector. Pipe connectors come in three forms:

  • Female screw thread (or internal threads)
  • Male screw threads (or external threads)
  • Flange connectors

Most products from the range include both 2-way and 3-way versions, except for the pressure independent characterized , models PN16 and DN 15, which only have the option of choosing a 2-way setting. Other types include the with a rotary actuator and the globe with a linear actuator.


motorization, a distinct category of, are often referred to as quarter turn. They open by turning a handle attached to a inside the, hence the name. The includes a port or a hole that blocks flow through the and once the port is in line with the ends of the, flow will be unconfined and be released. motorization are manufactured from a large array of alloys, metals, plastics or ceramics, depending on the environment it will be used in and the product model. Because the will be the subject of high pressures and flow stresses, the inside the needs to be more durable, so some motorization are chrome plated to increase hardiness. The liquid passageway is constructed so that if it’s not in line with the ends of the , no spills occur, protecting the and the system you are using it for.

Shut-off and change-over also require one of the three pipe connectors (female screw thread, male screw thread or flange) and they can be either operated with a rotary actuator or open-close butterfly with a rotary actuator, the last model only having a 2-way option. When buying motorization , you can choose a 2-way model (open-close model) or a 3-way model (change-over model)

Take note that ordinary motorization (Their models or other manufacturer models) are unsuitable as devices. In order to ensure good stability of , a hydraulic ling component must hold a flow feature of the heat exchanger in the system. The company reduced this problem by introducing a “characterizing disc” in the inlet of the , which changes the ’s characteristic to the equal-percentage needed.

Characterized have a square stem head for easier attachment with their actuators. Their simple direct mounting system uses a central screw and the rotary actuator is installed in three or four different positions, depending on your needs and the space you have available. All size models can be connected to a mounting flange pipe. The structure of the ’s body and the and stern are made out of stainless steel, making them more resistant in harsh environments, the kind of environments that are found in systems. Characterized can be used for home, commercial and industrial systems.

open-close handle cold and hot water flows and have a shut-off function and a 2-point system. They are handled by a rotary actuator, which in turn is led by an open-close signal, given by your manual operation of the ’s lever. Change-over on the other hand, are used for the changing over of cold and hot water fluxes in ventilation and heating systems, making use of a 2-point system, similar to the one used by open-close . They have a differential pressure of 1000 kPa and a closing pressure of 1400 kPa and the rotation angle of the are approximately 90 degrees.

Since are key elements in the industry, they focus on these components and release outstanding products that are preferred by professional technicians, contractors, wholesalers and home users. If you intend on buying a separate , make sure you get the right actuator with it (although they usually sell both components at once). Also make sure your pipe fitting is right, so you don’t go home with the only to notice that it simply doesn’t fit.

To find out more details about the and other products such as actuators, damper actuators, motors, air s, or other s, search our website. PLUS gives you the opportunity to order all any models directly online, through our shopping system. We get our parts directly from the company, so you can be sure that the USA products are original and of the highest quality.