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Air controls, a subsidiary of Holding AG of Switzerland, has been a leader since 1975 in innovative technology for damper and control . For the last three decades, the major developments in actuator technology have come from USA. automation help the commercial builder create comfort, safety and efficiency in the heating and air conditioning systems for their construction. offers a comprehensive range of which includes all kinds of control devices

USA offers for smoke and combination fire and smoke dampers, a wide array of control , and a variety of electronic and mechanical accessories for their other . Customer satisfaction and loyalty have made USA a leader in throughout the world. They not only take care of comfort and convenience of the consumers but also ensure high-end safety. enhance the overall performance of all kinds of plant and equipment and cut-down on the cost significantly. 


  • standard and spring-return for air control dampers
  • safety for motorizing fire and smoke extraction dampers
  • Shut-off and change-over for open and closed water circuits 
  • linear and rotary for the motorization of  
  • mixing and butterfly from different manufacturers 
  • tools and accessories for Bus and communication systems. is the website for USA

Air Controls Company is an innovator for damper and control . has many advanced features for the user, including a secure shopping cart, a searchable online catalog, and even a calculator for your CV rating and torque loading. You can also search for specific parts by part number, or even a partial part number, using wildcards. There is an extensive library with newsletters, product specifications, and product applications. For all your commercial controller needs, visit or search our website, PLUS online.

Since 1975, Air Controls has been an innovative leader. This company has produced millions of control and damper , and their are used around the world. Virtually all of the actuator technological developments over the last few decades have come from USA. By using automation from , a commercial builder can easily create safety, efficiency and comfort.

All of the heating and air conditioning systems that use and from are efficient, powerful and long-lasting. Consumers can enjoy a number of different control devices and assorted from . When it comes to components, has an incredibly comprehensive selection.

For combination, smoke and fire dampers, USA has an unbeatable product catalog. also manufactures a wide range of control and various mechanical accessories. The two major reasons why has seen such great success are customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. USA continues to dominate the industry with their quality, long-lasting . Unlike many other companies in the industry, ensures proper product safety, convenience and comfort for their customers.

With , all sorts of equipment can be enhanced, which results in better performance and efficiency. The damper by valve distributors like and Barber Colman are some of the best automation on the market. has a number of automation on the market. Bus communication systems, butterfly , mixing and safety are all automation systems that manufactures.

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