Buy Barber Colman Thermostats Parts Online

The Company is a key player in the HVAC s market and manufactures quality products that are accepted globally. They are a company with more than a hundred years of experience, providing quality service and top of the line and products. They have a legacy of manufacturing high quality temperature and intelligent automation systems for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Today, the line of and products include a wide selection of pneumatic and electric s, sensors, transmitters, valves, igniters, alarms, switches, lers, dampers, motors and other devices for HVAC applications.

Some key and products include:

Valve Parts

  • Pneumatic s
  • Hydraulic s
  • Electric s
  • Valve s
  • EA Series s
  • Manual valve s
  • Electric valve s
  • Pneumatic valve s
  • Solid State Driver
  • Damper

Some of the many available include the following:

  • Crank Arm for MA418-0-0-3
  • NEMA 4 gasket for
  • 120v Drive 1/15vdc INPT
  • 4-20mA 120/240V drive
  • Drive, 4/20ma, Weather Resist
  • Driver 24/120/240 4-20ma (replaces # CP8391913)
  • EA51-00370-000-0-00
  • EA55-21370
  • Motor 24V 2-Position S/R w/ Auxiliary SW. 60LB-IN
  • 120v damper S/R 2-Position
  • 120/240V Dual 2 Position SR Motor
  • 120 volt spring return 2 position
  • 120V Spring Return 2 Position 60 IN 170 Stroke
  • 120V SR 2 Position 60 IN 90' STROKE
  • MA-418
  • 120v S/R 2-Position w/Auxiliary Switch
  • 240v S/R 2-position


A variety ofexist for different uses. Different types of pneumatic include TK-1xxx and TKR-1xxx Single Set point Room , TK-6000 and TK-8000 Series Relay Bulb , TK-2000, TK-3000, TK-4000 Series Unitary Bulb , TK-1800 and TKR-1800 Series Zero Energy Band Room , TK-1071 and TK-1171 Submaster Room , TK-1700 Series Dual Set point, Single Output Room and also T12 through T36 Series Room .

Also included in the line of and are: 2 Pipe Direct Acting , Summer-Winter Pneumatic Room , Day/Night Pneumatic Room , One-Pipe Pneumatic Room , and Two-Pipe Pneumatic Room .

Controller Parts

is also a major player in manufacturing lers and for lers. They manufacture ler and electric lers like the SLC-8100 and SLC-8300 Series Proportional Temperature Controller, PP-220 Series Pressure Controllers, TP-8100 Series and TP-8200 Series Temperature Controllers, process lers and Limit Controller.

In the s department, s are known as some of the most reliable products on this market. A few of the top for s are globe valves, diaphragm valves, pinch valves, needle valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, Room Humidity Control, manual, s thermocouples, zone valves, governor , and knife or gate valves.