Buy Barber Coleman Thermostat Parts Online

Thermostats are the devices used to regulate the temperature and maintain it at a desired set point. They help maintain the temperature by switching the heating or cooling devices on and off, per the requirements for optimum temperature. Barber are some of the best selling products on the market. The Company, along with Eurotherm, is the largest supplier of temperature controls in the US and around the globe.

Over the years the Colman Company transitioned from textile to electrical to HVAC. It's this ability to stay ahead of the game that has allowed the company to remain on top all these years.

Apart from Barber Colman thermostat parts, the company manufactures a wide variety of preferred products for commercial, industrial, and domestic usage. Some of the best selling Barber Colman parts and products include sensors, thermocouple, control, control valves, control motors, valve repair kits, transmitters, governors, switches, alarms, indicators, dampers, igniters, relays, and actuators. Barber Colman controller parts, Barber , and HVAC parts are some of the most sought after products by suppliers, dealers and distributors worldwide.

More than just their famous Barber , the HVAC control systemsboast superior engineering. Their Intelligence Automation System helps in the gathering of information about a building which is crucial for a customer’s safety, comfort, and security. You can even look at the 3D view of the HVAC infrastructure of a building to know and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the entire building. You can focus on the areas that require attention and make the adjustments accordingly for optimal heating and air conditioning.

Barber , and temperature and process controllers are the most pursued products in the market. The Series 2000TM and the Series 3000TM are the most preferred series of controllers by customers around the world.

Representing the result of over 34 years of advanced design and applications experience in temperature and industrial control, Series 2000 is the most complete family of controllers and associated products available today. This series has a range of high performance Barber , humidity controllers, multi-loop controllers, temperature controllers, package boiler controllers, multi-loop programmers, ramp/soak programmers, indicators, alarm units, and solid state contactors. Series 2000 is available in a wide range of sizes with features designed to provide accurate, trouble-free performance well into the future.

The Series 3000TM also has the latest variety of temperature controllers. These products are user-friendly, user-reliant and also have the possibility for "quick code" configuration — Set up your Instrument by Entering a 4 Digit Code. There is also a text display with messaging capability, built-in timer functions, recipe function, graphical PC configuration software, sealed to IP65 for operation in harsh environments. The various models include 3216, 3508, 3504.

Both series 2000 and 3000 have features that include.

  • Available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, or 1/4 DIN
  • Universal Input (V, mV, T/C, RTD)
  • Field programmable or ITools supported to save the program and download from computer
  • Modbus, Profibus, Device Net or ASCII computer communication capability
  • Plug In/Out output and input modules
  • 20 programs with 16 segments each (2000 Series), 50 programs with 200 segments total (3000 Series)
  • Total Package Controller! Ideal for furnaces, autoclaves, and boilers.
  • Replacement for Barber-Colman 560, 570, 10Q, & 15Q / Eurotherm 815, 818, & 900