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Barber Coleman is a key player in the HVAC controls market, manufacturing a variety of quality products that are recognized and respected globally. They make a variety of , such as Barber Coleman valves, Barber Coleman controls, Barber Coleman motors, Barber Coleman Thermostats, actuators, and temperature controllers. Barber Coleman Company also manufactures a large variety of sensors, transmitters, switches, indicators, valve actuators, alarms, actuators and other and products for commercial, industrial and home use. Barber Coleman products for HVAC are well-known and widely used in the market. Their are sought after by numerous dealers and suppliers who sell their products and by centers in store and online.

A basically stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct, chimney, VAV (variable air volume) box, air handler, or other air handling equipment. A valve or plate can play the role of a . If heating or cooling is not required in a specific area where there is central air conditioning, can be used. A may be used to cut off central air conditioning (heating or cooling) to an unused room, or to regulate it for room-by-room temperature and climate control. Its operation can be manual or automatic.

Manual are turned by a handle on the outside of a duct. Automatic are used to regulate airflow constantly and are operated by electric or pneumatic motors, in turn controlled by a thermostat or building automation system.

As a top manufacturer of some of the most popular products like actuators, controllers, governors and other types of HVAC controls, Barber Coleman Dampers are equally popular in the industrial, commercial, or residential settings. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are readily available from a vast number of suppliers online, which makes them easy to find and easy to ship to each customer.

There are different types of :

  • Zone

This type of is also known as a volume control (VCD) and is used to control the flow of air in an HVAC system. Zone vary in type based on the specific area of use. Typical zone as used in home HVAC systems are electrically powered in nature. As for large commercial establishments, compressed air or vacuum may be used instead. In either case, the motor is usually connected to the via a mechanical coupling. For vacuum- or pneumatically-operated zone , the thermostat usually switches the pressure or vacuum on or off, causing a spring-loaded rubber diaphragm to move and actuate the .

  • Electric

Electric come in two types - one which uses a spring-return mechanism and a shaded-pole synchronous motor. In this case, the is normally opened by the force of the spring but can be closed by the force of the motor. And another design where the motor is often a small shaded-pole synchronous motor combined with a switch that can disconnect the motor at either open or closed positions: the two stopping points (” open” or “ closed”).

  • Fire

These are called fire because they are held open by fusible links. When heat is generated, the links break and the is closed by a spring. Fire are usually fitted at junctions where ductwork passes through fire compartment walls / fire curtains as part of a fire control strategy. In normal circumstances, these are held open by means of fusible links. When subjected to heat, these links fracture and allow the to close under the influence of the integral closing spring. The links are attached to the such that the can be released manually for testing purposes. The is provided with an access door in the adjacent ductworks for the purpose of inspection and resetting in the event of closure.

  • Rotary

These are gear-like devices used to limit the movement of a moving piece of equipment. They absorb and slow down motion for the modification of vibration, noise, and machine component wear. They also enable products to perform with a smooth mechanical motion. A motion is used to provide a smooth, controlled retraction of a movable mechanical device. Damped stop gates provide vibration-free damping to the end position which is a prerequisite for precision machining. Damped stop gate benefits are increased manufacturing quality and reduced reject rates. Rotary shock absorbers control vertical and lateral motion in rail suspension applications. A shock absorber is built to outlast and outperform linear type shock absorbers. A speed is designed to slow down the motion within the machine. Rotary are found in a variety of industries such as furniture, cabinets, automotive, and the electronics industry (e.g., CD door or tray opens slowly). Rotary can also be found in Camcorders, DVD players, cell phones, copy machines, and laptops. Rotary are also used for deployment systems by the aerospace industry.

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