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Barber Coleman Control offers a wide variety of s, sensors, indicators, valves, s, motors and other products that are essential for your commercial building project. Temperature indicators, s, , valves, thermocouple and other sensors and actuators are part of the huge list of HVAC products manufactured by them. They basically have everything a contractor, dealer or supplier will need for building, home, and water products.

Barber Coleman thermostats are extremely useful in large heating applications, including commercial and industrial ones. The various kinds of thermostats they offer include:

  • 2 Pipe Direct Acting thermostat
  • Proportional room thermostat
  • Calibrating thermostat
  • Pneumatic thermostats

Barber Coleman Control valves are basically valves used mainly within industrial plants to operating conditions such as flow, , pressure and liquid level. They do this by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from that compare a “setpoint” to a “ variable” whose value is provided by sensors that monitor changes in such conditions. Different types of valves manufactured by Barber Colman Controller consist of globe, diaphragm, pinch, knife or gate, needle, butterfly, ball, and plug.

With over 100 years of experience in providing quality servicing and top of the line products to the market, Barber Coleman s have become one of the most sought-after HVAC components all over the world.

The Barber Colman ler Series 2000TM and the Series 3000TM are extremely popular and used across HVAC industries globally. Both of these contain a large array of different types of .

The Series 2000TM covers various products including Multi-Loop Controllers, Multi-loop Programmers, High Performance Temperature Controllers, Humidity Controllers, Environmental Chamber Controllers, Package Boiler Controllers

High Stability Controllers, and General-Purpose Controllers. You can choose from a variety of models in 2000 , such as 2704, 2604, 2604/2704f, 2404, 2404f, 2408, 2408f, 2416, 2204e, 2116 etc.

  • The 2100 Family include: models 2132 and 2116
  • The 2200e Enhanced Family include: models 2216e, 2208e and 2204e
  • The 2400 Family include: models 2416, 2408, 2404, 2408f Profibus Comms, 2404f Profibus Comms, 2404 Carbon Potential
  • The 2600 and 2700 Family include: 2604 and 2704 - LED display (2604) or graphical HMI display (2704).

Other models also available:

  • Models 2132i, 2116i, 2108i, 2132 FM approved , and 2116 FM approved
  • Models 2208 FM approved and 2204 FM approved
  • Model 2208 FM approved and 2204 FM approved

Representing the result of over 34 years of advanced design and applications experience in and industrial , Series 2000 is the most complete family of and associated products available today. Included in that family is a full range of , , ramp/soak programmers, indicators, units, and solid state contactors. Series 2000 is available in a wide range of sizes with features designed to provide accurate, trouble-free performance well into the future.

A few models in the and their descriptions are:

  • Model 2116 Simple PID Controllers

Available in compact 1/32 and 1/16 DIN panel sizes. Uses advanced PID algorithms to give stable ’straight line’ . Self tuning is included to optimize the performance without the need for specialized knowledge or training

The operator interface can be customized to present only those parameters that an operator needs to see and adjust, while all other parameters are locked away under password protection. Heater failure can be detected when the ler is used with a TE10S Solid State Relay. Tactile buttons ensure positive operation. A universal input, employing patented Instant AccuracyTM technology, allows selection of nine internally stored thermocouple types and the Pt100 resistance thermometer. Other input linearizations may be factory downloaded. Linear inputs can be scaled to the desired display range. Two outputs are configurable for heating, cooling or s. Three internal set points are provided; configurable as high, low or deviation s. Alarms can be ‘blocked’ on start-up to prevent unnecessary operator alerts. An optional external output module can be ordered to convert the logic output to a relay. An external precision resistor input adapter can accept 4-20mA inputs. Offers ramp-dwell programming. Simple baking profiles can be programmed using the built in set point ramp generator and dwell timer.

  • Model 2204e PID Controllers

Available in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN panel sizes, the 2200e are configurable for PID, On/ Off or motorized valve for heat only or heat/cool applications, satisfying both electrical and gas heating requirements. Self-tuning and customized cooling algorithms are included to optimize performance. These units employ patented INSTANT ACCURACYTM technology on scaleable universal inputs accepting nine standard thermocouple and RTD inputs, DC inputs or downloadable custom inputs.

Modular heating and cooling outputs are provided, plus one or two relay outputs. The 1/8 and 1/4 DIN units have two digital inputs to select auto/manual transfer, standby mode, second setpoint or acknowledge. The 1/4 DIN model 2204e has an additional 10 amp high current output option. Digital communications with Modbus® RTU or DeviceNetTM protocols are available for easy connection to PLCTM or PC based supervisory and data logging systems. A simple ramp and hold profile can be programmed using the internal ramp generator and dwell timer. With custom cooling algorithms, these are ideal for plastics extrusion. Eliminate ammeters using PDSIO® current monitoring facility. Heater current may be displayed and open and short circuit faults detected and ed.

  • Model 2416 Programmable Temp / Process Controller

The 2416 is a high stability programmable ler with an extensive range of options. Either PID, on/off or motorized valve can be configured, for electrical and gas heating applications. Dual PID settings, advanced ‘one shot’ and continuously adaptive tuning are available.

The ler employs universal inputs with INSTANT ACCURACYTM and accepts a range of plug-in modules for heating, cooling, analog retransmission, second value input and remote setpoint. High speed Modbus® and ASCII communications provide easy connection to PLCTM or PC based supervisory systems. Multi-zone programming can be implemented using PDSIO® retransmission to deliver a master setpoint to one, two, or three client , with holdback from any client if the deviates from the setpoint by more than a set value. Up to four setpoint programs can be stored with 16 ramp-dwell segments and up to three event outputs.

Eliminate ammeters using PDSIO® current monitoring facility. Heater current may be displayed and open and short circuit faults detected.

Model 2408f and 2404f High Stability Temp / Process Controllers, ideal For:

  • Single and multi-zone ovens, furnaces, and kilns
  • Environmental chambers
  • PID, valve, ratio, and cascade
  • Setpoint programming
  • High speed communications and PDSIO®

The Series 3000TM offers the latest with a user-friendly interface, automated help system, and auto tuning, among other features, which makes Barber Coleman Company easy to learn and use. You can choose from a variety of models in 3000 , such as 3504, 3508, 3204, 3208, and 3216.

Model 3216 Temperature/Process Controller

  • Ideal for plastic extruders, small ovens, chillers, sterilisers, trace heating, packaging machines
  • Universal inputs
  • Three outputs can be configured to provide any combination of heating, cooling and .
  • 48W x 48H x 90D mm

Model 3508 Temperature / Process Controller

  • Ideal for single & multi-zone ovens, furnaces and kilns, autoclaves & sterilizers, environmental chambers, valve positioning, flow dosing & feed systems
  • 5 digit display
  • iTools Graphical Wiring Editor
  • Setpoint programmer offers 200 individual program segments

Model 3504 Temperature / Process Controller

  • Ideal for single & multi-zone ovens, furnaces and kilns, autoclaves & sterilisers, environmental chambers, valve positioning, flow dosing & feed systems
  • 5 digit display
  • iTools Graphical Wiring Editor
  • Setpoint programmer offers 200 individual program segments

The latest from the Barber Colman company in the ler is the Series 7, which uses top-of-the-line technology. This has a slightly different design from the 2000 or 3000 . An improved heating and chilling gives these new an edge on both former from the company and on the competitors’ similar products. Some models in the ler 7 feature either 3 digit or 4 digit display.

Barber Coleman Company has always remained ahead of their other competitors by providing high quality heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. You can find their full line of products and parts at HVAC plus.