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Barber Coleman is a company with more than one hundred years of quality servicing and top quality products. They have managed to excel at manufacturing systems for building control, home control and water control industries. Their extensive plastic application knowledge, combined with general process control and automation experience, is translated into revolutionary products that provide the best application solutions for the plastics industry.

Various other products under the Coleman umbrella include:

All these plus other devices for applications.

It all began with Howard D. Colman and an idea. At seventeen years of age, Howard D. Colman, son of a Methodist minister, invented a warpdrawing machine. Intrigued by Colman’s invention, Mr. W. A. , a lumberman from a nearby sawmill, loaned Colman $100 to further develop a wooden prototype into iron and steel. This was the foundation of the machine and the beginning of a partnership of Barber-Colman. Colman, relocated from his Wisconsin home, into Rockford Illinois where he located a machine shop capable of manufacturing his product.

Throughout the years, he continued to work on his warp drawing machine, while developing further inventions. In 1894, Colman received his first patent for a check valve used to measure the flow of milk, “assuring dairy farmers of their proportionate share of skim milk after the cream was separated out.” It was after this patent where Howard D. Colman formed his company, Barber-Colman. Several years later, in 1901, Colman introduced the hand knotter, making him a widely recognized contributor to the textile industry. In 1902, Colman’s began erecting buildings along the west side of the Rock River, at Loomis and River Street, its present day location. Three additional buildings were constructed by 1911, and by 1915, the company had purchased the entire block south of the existing plant, with a recreational park anchoring the site.

By 1916, the factory spread had spread over two city blocks, employing over 500, to work on the five product lines: the check pump, hand knotter, warp tying machine, milling cutters, and hobbing machines.

Within the years, Barber Colman manufactured products ranging from the first garage door opener and aviation climate control system for commercial aircraft, to the plastic manufacturing, office machines, and home appliances. Howard D. Colman is believed to have invented the first remote garage door opener.

The Coleman has consistently remained above its competitors by providing its customers easy availability to the latest products in the market. Customer centric features and durability of the products ranging across the HVAC or heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems makes the company a leader in providing effective and high quality solutions for home, industrial or commercial needs.

Some of the best-known examples of high quality ventilation and air conditioning parts currently in the market today are the products by Coleman Motors (distributed by the Honeywell ). All units and other products manufactured by Coleman are used globally amongst a wide range of customers including but not limited to hospitals, police stations, airlines, builders and private homes.

Barber-Colman , division, features a large selection AC & DC s and gear including DC permanent magnet with voltages up to 36 VDC, AC shaded pole with voltage from 24-240 VAC, pancaked gearheads rated to 300 in-lbs., in-line gearheads rated to 30 in-lbs., and plastic gearheads rated to 15 in-lbs. Typical applications range from vending machines, copiers, printers, automatic bank teller machines, and currency changers to medical x-ray machines, peristaltic pumps, and more. Many of the parts and replacement parts in the motor line from the company include:

  • 24V 2-Pos S/R w/ Aux SW.60LB-IN
  • 120vMOTOR 25sec180′w/AUX.SW.
  • 120V Motor 25sec 180′ w/Aux. Sw. MP-2150-500
  • 24V MOTOR
  • 120v13sec90′MOTOR 60#w/SW(EA53
  • 120vMOTOR 13-130sec90′w/SW
  • 120V Motor 80sec 180′ 220#w/SW EA58
  • 120v Motor 40sec90′ 200#w/sw(EA57)
  • 120vMotor90sec180′S/R w/SW
  • 120v90sec180′/R w/DRIVE
  • 120v Motor 130sec180 w/sWw/Drive
  • 120vMotor130sec180′220#w/SW
  • 120vMotor130-1300sec180′w/SW.
  • 120vMotor130-1300sec180′w/SW
  • Actuator Motor
  • 120v Motor 130sec180′450#w/sw replaces(MP481-129-0-2)
  • 120v Motor
  • 120vMotor115sec180′1300# w/SW
  • 120v Motor 60sec 90′ 1300# w/sw replaces EA75-00000-000-0-00

Barber Coleman ensures that the installation, operation and maintenance costs for the various products they provide are reasonable and also has a wide spread dealer network to enable ease of availability to customers.

They also provide control parts including customizable panel controllers, single and multi-loop rail mountable controllers, SCR and SRR power controllers, and digital communication networks.

Apart from this, in order to manage the systems in a building, Coleman offers a high end Intelligence Automation System which helps to know the areas in a building which are not getting enough coverage so that users can optimize the systems for increased comfort and safety. This system allows professionals to view the buildings in 3D images and evaluate, identify and correct the areas of improvements for the systems.

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