Buy Ball Cast Steel Valve

A standard ball cast steel valve has bolted cover, two-piece or three-piece bodies, fixed ball with additional features like Full or reduced bore, blowout-proof stem, Fireproof and anti-static, and Dual seat with injection and drain outlet.

The Dimensions for newly introduced BALL STEEL VALVE (TRUNNION MOUNTED) are Class 900.Class 1500 Next Forged Steel Trunnion Mounted. CLASS1500. ND (inch) Full Port 2" 3" 4" 6" L(RF, mm) 371 473 549 711.

In some applications, they can be noisier than globe valves. The amount of noise increases because the fluid flow cannot be generally quantified; it depends on the pressures and flow conditions of the medium and the size and port configuration of the ball vent valve. If noise is a primary concern, a globe valve may be a better choice. When spring return ball valves are not repositioned for extended periods of time, the breakaway torque increases because the seat material “creeps” into the microscopic pours and imperfections of the ball and around its edges. The amount of torque increases, depending on ball valve size, production lot tolerance differences, and other factors.

Actuator ball valves can be manual or actuated. Gemini offers the 600 Series for use with all sizes of the Gemini 76, 80, 86, 96, 309 and 89. Two model sizes are available, the 150 in-lb model 615 and the 300 in-lb model 630. Both versions are coupled with a compact mounting system that assures rigid and precise coupling.