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Solenoid valves are electrically operated devices that control the flow of liquids. valves are electro-mechanical devices that use a wire coil and a movable plunger, called a solenoid, to control a particular valve. The solenoid controls the valve during either the open or closed positions. Thus, these kinds of valves do not regulate flow. They are used for the remote control of valves for directional control of liquids. valves have two main parts: the solenoid and the valve. After the coil receives a current, the actuating magnetic field is created. The magnetic field acts upon the plunger, resulting in the actuation of the valve, either opening or closing it.

In order to better understand the concept of the valve, we need to take a short peek at some of its attributes. solenoids are manufactured out of stainless steel, in order to withstand corrosion and harsh environments, where contaminants might destroy the structure of the valve. The valve holds a magnetic tube, which is a cylindrical coil of insulated wires that produce magnetic fields when they are energized correctly.

Pneumatic valves are similar to the hydraulic version in that they both use pressure. However, the return port of a pneumatic, which uses air, is exhausted to the atmosphere.

Parker are of the types 2-way, 3-way,and 4-way.

The hydraulic are used in pilot circuits for controlling spools of multiple valves and tilting angles of variable displacement pumps. They have a compact design and ease of service providing reliable control in aerospace, defense and marine applications.