Buy ASCO (controls) Parts

When it comes to industrial automation, ASCO Power Technologies is the name to be trusted. This company is the world leader in emergency and reserve power transmit solutions. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that use our parts work efficiently for a long time. Investment in advanced technology as well as research and development is their secret in providing quality controls. To prove their excellence in their field we were awarded the 2009 North American Transfer Switch Company of the Year.

For best performance, you can equip your equipment with our parts. The parts are made from quality materials integrated with advanced equipment to assure efficient and reliable performance of the control part on your unit.

HVAC systems need a reliable transfer switch and controls. Being the best in the industry, we transfer switches are ideally used in telecommunication industries, healthcare and financial facilities. In our systems, transfer switches are used to switch power load from the utility source to an alternate power source. This will cause your units to run consistently even when normal power is down. An transfer switch will also prevent damage due to inconsistent power supplies.

ASCO valves can give you a highly dependable system when it comes to controls. This is not just reliable but will give protection to customers. If the controls in your unit malfunction, valves will not open until a person toggles the switch. Dangers of gas leaking from the unit will be eliminated. Using valves and relay will also ensure that your system run silently.

ASCO control parts are supplied all over the world for heating and cooling systems. Their drive to excel in producing industrial control parts had made their product world class. We offer you a wide range of HVAC units. The best control manufactured are available at HVAC PLUS. You may call or chat with our sales representative to learn more about ASCO products. Start placing your orders. We can supply you with the best !