Buy Asco Control Group: Valve

As a premium valve manufacturer, ASCO had a good share of acclaims throughout its history, from technicians, resellers, industry leaders and commercial distributors. As innovation seems to be the main quality, the manufactured by the company were also top of the line and proved to have a major success on the market, regardless of the period they were put up for sale.

They are is the first manufacturer to have produced the solenoid valve, this process taking place back in 1910. The new electrically operated control device, named after the tube that operates them, earth-quaked the market of that time. Ever since, the were always built with quality and reliability in mind and they still hold the edge in many of the related industries of today, especially control .

The gamut of the manufacturer includes solenoid , electronically enhanced solenoid , micro-miniature solenoid , pneumatic , air preparation , fuel , gas , oil , Navy , Navy air operated , Marine solenoid , Marine air operated , process control pilot , motorized shut-off , soft-start and valve islands.

To have a better understanding on the valve, let’s take a look at some of its features. Built out of stainless steel, the holds a magnetic tube, which is a cylindrical coil of insulated wires that produce magnetic fields when they are energized correctly. The solenoid , like other similar, standard , can either be single-threaded, 2-way threaded, 3-way threaded or 4-way threaded, referring to the number of inputs and outputs (entrances and exits) the have. The solenoid ’s use can be in all systems, although its most common appliance is in commercial, military aerospace equipments and power generators.

The electronically enhanced solenoid are revolutionary to the power management industry, as it sets new standards for low power consumption, reliability and high quality. ASCO’s electronically enhanced accepts both AC and DC voltages and further improves their performance to an incredible 500%. Electronically enhanced can be either 2-way, 3-way or 4-way operated, and their design is especially built so they could better handle fluid control applications. Other features of the electronically enhanced valve, include the useful elimination of AC hum, a built in surge suppression system that eliminates the needs for a separate surge suppression diode, a low power operation (it can operate with as low as 2-watts) and the improved voltage ranging, which provides standard solutions to extreme voltage environments, such as global usage systems or voltage fluctuations. These can be used in a wide variety of HVAC systems.

The micro-miniature valve consists of three types: the Miniature General Service , the Isolation and the Pinch . The Miniature General Service are ideal for systems of small size and low power consumption and are better suited for non-corrosive liquids, due to their precise structure. Their design is built for either manifold mount constructions or in-line systems. The micro-miniature ’s most common usage is in industrial applications, medical equipments and analytical instrumentation.

The Isolation make use of a shielding diaphragm that protects the internal components of the valve, when the fluid flows through the . Made out of light, inert materials, these are ideal for handling corrosive fluids. Like the General Service , the Isolation also come in either in-line or manifold porting.

The last type of miniature valve, the Pinch , is designed with a mechanism that “pinches” the tubing block flow and releasing to allow flow. The fluid is controlled through this soft tubing system and the pinching mechanism is automated. These are ideal for high-purity applications, particulate fluids or corrosive fluids.

Their process control pilot are designed especially for pneumatic actuation and pneumatic systems. They come in the forms of 3-way , 4-way and manual reset . The 3-way are built for the use in combination with a spring return actuator and the pipe connection size of 1/8” through 1” threaded connections. The 4-way s used with non-spring actuators and it has the same pipe connection size as the 3-way . The last process control pilot from the catalog, the manual reset , serves as a mechanical , having found use in controlled devices on safety related systems.

Motorized , also called electro-hydraulic motor operated , take care of your combustion system. They can be either 2-way normally closed, 3-way diversion or manual reset . Some of their features include strong structure (their body being made out of either bronze, cast iron or aluminum) proof of closer, pipe taps, visual indication and pipe connections from 3/4” to 6”. Their most common use is in frigid climates, HVAC-R systems, refrigeration environments, commercial refrigeration systems and outdoor installations.

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