Buy Asco Control Group: Solenoids

In 1910 ASCO emerged as the first company to have manufactured the valve. The new electrically operated control mechanism, named after the tube that operates it, revolutionized the HVAC industry from thereon. Their valves were always produced with reliability, quality and a compact design in mind, three factors that emerged them as standard-breakers every time a new version hit the shelves.

In order to better understand the concept of the solenoid valve, we need to take a short peek at some of its attributes. The s are manufactured out of stainless steel, in order to withstand corrosion and harsh environments, where contaminants might destroy the structure of the . Their valve holds a magnetic tube, which is a cylindrical coil of insulated wires that produce magnetic fields when they are energized correctly. The , like other similar, standard , can either be single-threaded, 2-way threaded, 3-way threaded or 4-way threaded, referring to the number of inputs and outputs (entrances and exits) the have. The valve’s utility can be employed in all HVAC systems, although its most common appliance is in commercial, military aerospace equipments and for power generators.

The ASCO 2-way solenoid valve consists of one inlet and one outlet and it is used to permit shut off fluid flow. The open/closed system consists of two types of operations, namely “normally open” and “normally closed”. The 2-way come in different sizes and uses; here are some of the 2-way products: General Service for air, gas, water and oil, Hot Water/Steam for high-temperature fluid applications such as molding, sterilizing, or steam atomization, Vacuum for low and high vacuum applications, Cryogenic for control of cryogenic fluids in low temperature environments, Air Operated for use in auxiliary compressed air and water systems, Proportional for the control of pressure or flow output, through the use of electrical signals, Intrinsically for the use in intrinsically safe areas with properly approved current and voltage barriers, Low Power for reduced battery drain and energy saving, Isolation for applications that handle corrosive fluids or harsh environments, Long Life for quiet operation and long life and last but not least, the Micro-Miniature General Service, Isolation and Pinch , used for the control of fluids and gases in industrial applications, analytical instrumentation and medical equipment.

The 3-way valves have two orifices and three pipe connections. Because of their alternative open/close orifice system, their most common use has been found in applying pressure to exhaust systems. They can be found in three states: normally closed, normally open and universal. 3-way contain many series products, similar to those found in the 2-way series. These include: General Service for use in air, gas, water and oil services at moderate temperatures, Steam for use in high pressure and high flow systems, Air Operated for use in shifting with the help of an auxiliary compressed air source, Intrinsically for the use in intrinsically safe areas with properly approved current and voltage barriers, ASCO Low Power for reduced battery drain and energy saving, Isolation for applications that handle corrosive fluids or harsh environments, Dribble Control for use in piloting NAMUR actuators and lastly,Micro-Miniature, consisting of the General Service, Isolation and Pinch valve types, used in the reliable control of fluids and gases in medical equipments, analytical instrumentation and industrial applications.

4-way are four or five pipe connections (which are also called ports) and one pressure inlet. Two cylinder ports provide the required pressure to the double acting cylinder or actuator, while one or two outlets exhaust pressure from the cylinders. They can be of three types: single solenoid, dual and single air operator. The 4-way are not as diverse as the 2-way or 3-way , consisting of only these five series: General Service for air, gas, water and oil systems at moderate temperatures, Air Operated for valve shifting with the help of an air-driven compressed pressure system, Intrinsically Safe designed for use in intrinsically safe areas, Low Power used for low-battery drains, reduced heat rise, reduced wiring cots and increased energy savings and the Long Life series, designed for quiet operations and providing a long cycle life.

Other ASCO solenoid series include the Direct Mount series, which are standard 3-way or 4-way , with a NAMUR mounting configuration, instead of NPT pipe connections and mounting, the Dust Collector series, which are high-flow, fast-opening two-way designed for operations in dust collector systems, Group Mounted series, consisting of 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way , designed for gang mounting and combinations of normally open, normally closed or universal , Manual Reset series, standard 2-way, 3-way or 4-way , using a manual reset assembly rather than a system, designed to avoid unintentional valve startups, and the S-Series, which are commercial applications developed as compact solutions for applications, featuring DIN connections for easy wiring, encapsulated coils and brass bodies for harsh working conditions.

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