Buy Asco Control Group: Motorized Valves

ASCO valves are definitely some of the company’s most famous and acclaimed products, not only because of their high-quality and extremely reliable, but also because their tradition in manufacturing valves, the company actually being the first to manufacture a solenoid based valve system, back in 1910. The company came out to be one of the leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry and specialists and contractors all over the world received a huge helping hand with the new manufactured. The fuel, gas or oil handle combustion system needs and are very popular in industrial, commercial or home applications.

The electro-hydraulic motor operated are available in different versions, ranging from 2-way normally , 3-way diversion or manual reset valves. Some distinctive features that these motorized posses include visual indication, pipe taps, closure proofing and strong bronze, aluminum or cast iron body structures.

The HVAC PLUS product catalog includes many motorized valve categories, the difference between them being either the use of another type of actuator, the number of inputs and outputs of the valve and the structural metal or alloy used in the valve’s cast. The series are as follows:

· 2-way, Aluminum Gas (V710 Series)

· 2-way,  Hydramotor Actuator, Cast Iron Gas (H-Series)

· 2-way,  Hydramotor Actuator, Bronze Oil (HOV-1 Series)

· 3-way,  Hydramotor Actuator, Bronze Oil (HOV-13 Series)

Most are coming from their use AH series, Hydramotor actuators. The AH series model is a push-type, self-contained electro hydraulic linear actuator, that gives out the best results when a motorized valve is combined with them. The provide excellent control of main gas lines, commercial burners, industrial burners, home heating and other HVAC systems that it can operate in. The AH series includes on/off control, manual resets, modulating and low or high control of the handled fluid or gas.

The 2-way, Normally , Aluminum Body Gas Valves hold V710 motorized valve models, that have a push-to-open type body, with on and off or proportional control. The V710 are mounted on a Hydramotor actuator AH and it can be purchased in 4 trim styles: quick opening with valve seal overtravel, standard quick opening, standard linear and linear with valve seal overtravel.

The 2-way, Normally , Hydramotor Actuator, Cast Iron Body Gas Valve series consists of models H117, H118 and H137. These fuel gas shut-off are usually employed in industrial settings, appliances and environments, processing heating operations. The most common usage of this type in industrial boilers, the cast iron body and the Hydramotor actuator-based system being perfect for larger heating appliances such as boilers. Each model offers a different pressure and flow rapport: the H117 has low pressure but high flow, the H118 has high pressure and low flow and the H137 has both high pressure and high flow. A great and useful (not to mention safe) feature of these is that they close almost instantly, in about a second tops, when they are shut off or when power is removed (or a power failure occurs, case in which this feature will prove vital to keeping your operations safe).

The ASCO 2-way, Normally , Hydramotor Actuator, Bronze Body Oil Valves consist of globe type models which are seated with Teflon, making them ideal for larger oil fired industrial heating applications. Of course, commercial technicians and engineers can also use these on their system, but their more common role is in large industrial operations. These pipe connections range from 1/2” to 1” and just like the H-Series, they have a quick turnaround time when it comes to shutting off. Again, in a large industrial oil-based heating appliance, a quick valve closing time when power is either removed or failing, could prove not only useful, but also vital. called HOV1.

The last ASCO series, the 3-way, Normally , Hydramotor Actuator, Bronze Body Oil , include the HOV13 models. These models are similar to the HOV1 models, in that they are globe type and Teflon seated. They offer 300 psi fuel oil shut-off and diversion and are also most commonly used in large industrial environments. The major difference between the HOV1 and the HOV13 is that the latter is a 3-way motorized valve, meaning that the normally closed output offers shut-off, while normally open ports permit diversion of flow from the burner to the system. Pipe connections are also somewhat smaller, ranging from 3/4” to 1/2”.

Mostly used in industrial applications (although some commercial operations also found them useful), they are extremely safe and reliable, offering 100% control on the heating system of your application. If you are in need of any of the products, make sure you contact us, since we offer the best parts, tools and accessories. HVAC Plus gets these parts directly from them, so you don’t have to worry about them being of low quality or unreliable. Use our shopping system to the left to order the best motorized valves on the market, through HVAC Plus.