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Saying that ASCO is one of the forefathers of HVAC applications and components, would not express the true role this company had over the last 117 years. They started out in 1888 as a small company that handled compressor and generator controls, but in 1910 the company’s prestige skyrocketed, with their manufacturing of a new electrically operated control device, known until now as the solenoid . They were the first company to produce these types and that gave them a big edge on their competitors.

Solenoid s are usually built out of stainless steel and hold a magnet component designed specifically for aerospace applications. The valve is operated by a tube, which is a cylindrical coil of insulated wires creating magnetic fields when energized. The magnetic force created by these is obtained with minimized size and weight, for practical purposes. They can be single-threaded , 2-way, 3-way or 4-way , the number referring to the number of exits and entrances the have. Solenoid find applicability in a series of commercial or military aerospace equipments or even generators.

After this success, the manufacturer concentrated on manufacturing control products, such as air control , gas , oil , water control and steam control . In 1985 they is acquired by Emerson, one of the largest and most respected industrial corporations in the world.

Now, the company produces a wide range of HVAC components, tools and appliances, perfect for all types of operations; home, commercial or industrial. Their focus on solenoid has expanded to other products, such as their electronically enhanced solenoid , micro-miniature , position indicators, process control pilot , process automation and bus communication, pneumatic and air preparation, fuel, gas and oil products, sensors and pressure switches, sensors and temperature switches, proportional controls, Navy , Marine air operated , FRLs, din connectors, manifolds, miniature fittings, miniature electrical connectors,strainers, flow controllers, quick exhaust , pinch valve tubing accessories, check , slip-lok connectors, explosion proof junction boxes, electronic timers and a lot more.

An interesting fact about this company is that they have established a Quality Management System that they use in the manufacturing process of their air operated , solenoid , pressure and temperature switches, position indicators, motor operated and other similar products. Assuring that these products are all constructed in accordance to standard engineering specifications and certifications. The company’s goal is to make sure that their products and services are reliable, performant and of high quality.

Their Technologies is one of the world leaders in emergency and standby solutions and the Automatic Transfer Switches and the Systems offer a safeguard for data and communication networks, critical installations for different sorts of facilities and industrial processes. Their Technologies pioneered a lot of major innovations in the fields of transfer, management, control, measurement and power distribution.

The producer's on the other hand, concentrates its production line on standard and solenoid for any kind of application. All HVAC systems can benefit from their and the fluid lone offers its customers a large catalog of components, including fieldbus valve islands, ISO , miniature , pneumatic proportional , NFPA cylinders, manual , mechanical , or air preparation equipment.

A product that is well sought-after as of lately, is the company’s electronically enhanced valves. These are designed to have a revolutionary new power management system, that sets new limits to consumption reduction and reliability. These electronically enhanced can be either 2-way, 3-way or 4-way and are designed with fluid control in mind. Some of this valve’s features include an increase in the DC pressure ratings of up to 500%, a voltage ranging that provides solutions for special voltage environments and requirements, such as voltage fluctuations, a built-in surge suppression system that replaces the single surge suppression diode needed until now. Elimination of AC hum is also a nice feature added by these electronically enhanced solenoid .

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