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A.O. Smith has been a leader in electric motor innovation and production for over 70 years, beginning with the purchase of Sawyer Electric Manufacturing Company in 1940. Sawyer specialized in compact for use in oil wells.

Since that time, the A.O. Smith line has extended to include motors from tiny 1/800th horsepower to giant 800 hp motors for commercial and industrial applications.

An early innovation was the introduction of the square flange motor mount. a stronger alternative to the industry standard C-face mount.

As needs for hermetically sealed motors increased, A.O. Smith rose to the challenge in 1953 creating products for air handlers and chiller pumps. As more and more hospitals, hotels and office buildings expanded their air conditioning and refrigeration requirements, A.O. Smith provided the products they needed, opening a new plant in 1964 at Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

Going international in 1976 with a plant in Bray, Ireland, the company continued to focus its efforts on developing hermetic motors. The Bray plant became ISO-9002 certified in 1992.

Separating the controls from the windings into different compartments created a reliable swimming pool motor, which was the first such motor to be UL approved.

A.O. Smith continued to enlarge their line by purchasing Westinghouse Electric Small Motor Division in 1986, UPPCO, Inc in 1997, the domestic hermetic motor division of General Electric in 1998, and MagneTek Inc. in 1999.

Through these acquisitions, the company is able to lay claim to the first three-phase, triple-voltage quick connect motor, and Centurion switchless motors with split capacitors designed to be used underwater in pools and spas.

As HVAC requirements evolved to demand the use of non-ozone-depleting refrigerants and ammonia, hermetic were developed to meet those needs.

In 1996, premature inverter-duty motor failure was traced to heat rise from low fan speeds under the variable conditions required in inverters, and the problem was solved by MagneTek. They developed the Speed Engineered  line of products.

Now, A.O. Smith is the largest manufacturer of hermetic motors in North America. The company spares no effort to provide a complete range of top quality products in the electric motor market.

Schools, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, residential facilities, factories, sports facilities: in fact, any sort of commercial, residential or industrial operation is certain to have a need for A.O. Smith.

The company is committed to excellence and supports associations created to raise and maintain high standards within the industry.