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Since Alco is one of the most acclaimed HVAC-related manufacturers in the world, they could not offer anything but a complete catalog of valves. Their time-tested products have some distinct features, such as durability, performance, reliability and innovation. Some of the types that they produce, include: solenoid , thermo expansion , ball , needle , manifold , gauge or check valves. Let’s take a look at each of these distinct and their features.

Solenoid are usually built out of stainless steel and hold a magnet component designed specifically for aerospace applications. The actual is operated by a solenoid tube, a cylindrical coil of insulated wires, which creates magnetic fields when energized. The magnetic force created by these is obtained with minimized size and weight, for practical purposes. They can be single-threaded , 2-way, 3-way or 4-way , the number referring to the number of exits and entrances the valves have. Solenoid find applicability in a series of commercial or military aerospace equipments or even power generators.

Thermostatic expansion are intended for air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumping and chiller applications and their constitution is easy to insert in all HVAC systems. Thermostatic expansion are used for either industrial purposes, home applications, or commercial and refrigeration applications. The thermo expansion is designed to regulate refrigerant liquid flow inside your machine’s evaporator, so that it balances the evaporation of the liquid into refrigerant gas. If the gas is not balanced, there is the risk of sudden temperature changes, which could either damage your machine or the products or services it provides. Depending on the heat registered by the , it releases pressure in the evaporator, thus balancing heat amounts.

Thermo expansion consist of three major components: the body, the cage assembly and the power element of the valve. It is important that the body is both strong and space efficient, as you might not always have a lot of room when you install it. The strength of the outer casing protects the valve from external elements that might cause a breakdown. The power element, the heart of the , is basically what drives the whole chilling process. You can have different types of power elements, applicable to low temperature pumps, medium temperature pumps, heat pumps and so on. When choosing any kind of , you should make sure that the power element is easily replaceable, in case it suffers a breakdown. Last but not least, the cage assembly is connected to the body and it holds the power element and identification clips if any.

Ball valves is a general term we use for a distinct category of , which includes fire safe , panel mounted valves, actuated , high pressure and the likes. A ball , often referred to as a quarter turn , opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve. The ball includes a port or a hole that blocks flow through. Once the port is in line with the ends, flow will be released. The materials from which valves are manufactured are metals, ceramics or plastics (or a combination of the three). To make the inside the more durable (remember, it will be the subject of high pressures and flow stress), some ball are chrome plated to increase toughness. The liquid passageway is constructed so that if it’s not in line, no spills occur, protecting and the system you are using it for.

Needle valves are that are operated by a flow tip and adjustable needle. The flow tip can be standard, soft or metering, each type having its distinct features and benefits. Needle can also have different pressure measurements, ranging from a low 6000psi capacity, to high pressures of up to 40 000psi.

Manifold and gauge valves are operated by a manifold and controlled through a gauge. In most cases, the manifold is used in static instrument applications such as manometers, pressure transmitters, pressure pumps or pressure switches. Manifold have a large variety of uses and are mostly employed in home appliances.

Alco valves are very often sought-after for use in heating, air-conditioning, ventilation or refrigeration applications. Whether you choose a thermal expansion, manifold, ball or needle from their control product catalog, you will find that you made a great deal, also they have a very good price/quality balance.

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