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TXV stands for Thermo Valve, which is one of the most commonly used in home HVAC systems. Alco Controls offers a large selection of Thermo Expansion of outstanding quality. The TXV is known throughout the world for its reliability and solid structure.

Also known as TSV, their is a new series of valves that introduces a new replaceable stainless steel power element a square-like body and a fully interchangeable cage assembly. Their main advantage over other types of valves is that it provides a more stable and accurate control over evaporator temperature ranges and wide loads. The valve is easily adjustable, as it offers an external control system that lets you handle numerous presets.

If you are unfamiliar with the technical term of TXV, here are a few specs of this outstanding system. Thermostatic expansion are designed for air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumping and chiller applications and their structure is easy to handle in all HVAC systems. Thermostatic expansion are heavily used for industrial purposes, but they can also be applied to home applications, or they can be used in commercial and refrigeration applications. The food processing business for example, requires thermostatic expansion to keep the products fresh and cool.

Their is a device built primarily for precision. Their TXV is designed to regulate refrigerant liquid flow inside your machine’s evaporator, so that it balances the evaporation of the liquid into refrigerant gas. If the gas is not balanced, there is the risk of sudden temperature changes, which could either damage your machine or the products or services it provides. Depending on the heat registered by the valve, it releases pressure in the evaporator, thus balancing heat amounts. The controls gas flow by maintaining a pre-determined heat.

Like all , the valve consists of three major parts: the body of the valve, the cage assembly and the power element that gives “life” to the valve. It is important that the body is both strong and space efficient, as you might not always have a lot of room when you install it. The strength of the outer casing protects the valve from external elements that might cause a breakdown. The power element, the heart of the , is basically what drives the whole chilling process. You can have different types of power elements, applicable to low temperature pumps, medium temperature pumps, heat pumps and so on. When choosing any kind of , you should make sure that the power element is easily replaceable, in case it suffers a breakdown. Last but not least, the cage assembly is connected to the body and it holds the power element and identification clips if any.

TXVs offer some great new features that make them really stand out of the crowd. One of the greatest assets these have, is that they are fully and easily serviceable, because of their removable component parts. Power elements and cage assemblies can be easily detached and replaced or repaired, whatever the case might be. The TXV’s body structure is made out of stainless steel, which gives it more resistance in harsh working environments and effectively counters corrosion effects. Its double-balanced port design improves processes involving low load conditions, having a stabilizing effect.

The square body offers a better functionality, with the help of its straight-thru, solid copper connections that make operations in harsh thermal conditions to be handled better, because of the direct and more stable bonding. The TXV’s large diaphragm is also a great new feature that provides stability and more powerful pumping.

Last but not least, the external control system gives a great edge over competition (there are other valves out there that use this system, however none of them seems so well-designed as the one offered by the TXV). One thing you can use the external control system for, could be adjusting superheat measures or setting a heat limit for your refrigeration operations. The fact that the TXV is suitable for Bi-Flow applications, only means it gains another big point in the field of applicability.

If you are looking for a safe, quality-driven company to acquire valves from, Alco Control might be just what you are looking for. Their large product catalog includes a lot of TXV types and configurations and you are bound to find something that will suit your needs. HVAC Plus offers you the possibility to order their thermo expansion and other parts directly through our site, thus saving you precious time and money. Our services will be prompt and the delivery will be both safe and hasty. Trust us to supply you with the latest and the best parts .