Buy Shut Off Valves

Buy Shut Off Valves

Alco products live up to the company’s name, being both durable and high quality. With over 70 years of experience, the company managed to build a name for itself in the field of HVAC appliances, with the help of their vast product catalog. Each series of products has its distinct features and assets, but choosing the right one for you could still prove difficult. Thus, we will try to explain each product at large, so you can more easily find out which suits you best.


Coils have a great asset in their design, since their structure is both space-saving and easy to install. Most coil windings are protected against shock, vibration, water or heat, through a system of insulated shields. The standard voltage of a coil is 120V – 50/60 Hz, but if you need more power, there are versions that go up to 240V – 50/60 Hz. When choosing a coil, you must also take into consideration the amperes inrush and holding rate and the maximum amount of Watts it can bear.

Oil control utilities come in handy for your refrigeration system, because they will monitor the oil status throughout the machine. Some oil separators have multiple compressor racks, useful for air conditioning in supermarkets. They contain solid copper connections, which make them highly durable. If need be, you can order an oil separator that has corrosion resistant paint, if you think it will be put to use in a harsh environment. High efficiency oil filters should be used in conformity to your scroll compressor. The oil filter is specifically designed to protect the compressor from solid contaminants, dirt, metallic magnet particles and other impurities that might hinder the compressor’s work. Oil level control systems have various applications, such as oil level protective control of compressor crankcases, level control for refrigeration scroll compressors and semi hermetic compressors and so on. They feature self-contained units with oil level sensors and integral solenoid to manage oil levels.


Improved comfort values and the need for a lower operating cost have created new architectural designs, which are not always fully safe, in what regards maintaining humidity at a low level, load control and load reduction. With the demand for these systems, came the bloom of the regulator component, which offers greater stability and control. Regulators will discharge gas to the system if they sense that there is a risk and they will balance system capacity to load demands.

Shut Off Valves

Shut off valves are usually used in the liquid line of a HVAC-R system. They are used as manual shut off valves, so external control is much easier. You can manually isolate discharges, suction and liquid line if needed. That means that you will have full control over the pipe work during a maintenance check, or a shutdown period. This have a forged brass body with copper extension stubs and have a hermetic design. They feature a bi-directional flow system and a stem cap held by straps, which is attached to the main body. The maximum working pressure for most valves is somewhere around 450 psig and they support fluid temperatures from –40 F to +250 F. Almost all include a one-handed sealing that is extremely easy to turn, so you won’t be spraining wrists like on other.

Thermo Expansion (Alco TXV’s)

TXV (short for thermostatic expansion valves) are the most famous of their products. Their services in the field of thermo expansion offer a large array of products, including A-series valves, AFA , HFK , T-series or TRAE+ valves. Each series has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example the A series are used for heat pumps, food services, commercial applications and air conditioning. They offer stable and accurate control over a large array of operating conditions, with their anti-leakage protective system, stainless steel power element and compact size. The TRAE+ series are designed for large capacity refrigeration, air conditioning and chiller applications and they feature a fully interchangeable cage assembly and a square body structure. Choosing the right thermostatic expansion valve is really up to your needs and preferences. Price will also weight heavily when buying a TXV, although their products will most likely feel like real bargains, once you fully witness hands-on, their power and quality.

Temperature Pressure Controls (Alco TPC’s)

Temperature pressure controls are used for various purposes related to control and system protection. Compression cycling, defrost control, or pump-downs are all  appliances handled by temperature pressure controls and the protective side includes functions like excessive pressure cutting, freeze protection, pressure limiting or cut outs against loss of charge. Their temperature pressure controls are usually equipped with display pointers that indicate approximate settings (with a really low error).

System Protectors

System protectors include liquid line and suction line filters and driers and their main purpose is to remove or block harmful elements from flowing through your refrigerant and avoiding malfunctions to the entire system. If dirt or metallic components reach your system, capillary tubes or compressors, they can receive serious damage and your whole operation may suffer from it. It’s best to be precautious and install a filter-drier, you’ll relieve yourself of a lot of problems. The use of their system protector will also extend your other components’ life span and reliability, not to mention allowing them to work at full-power all the time.

If you want to order any of these products and components, you can do so directly through HVAC Plus, saving a lot of trouble without having to pay an extremely increased price.


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