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As ventilation, air-conditioning and heat management had a huge increase in demand in the last few decades, some companies started rising as industry leaders and one such company is the Alco Control Group, known simply as Alco by thermal engineering professionals. They used a combination of high-quality products and services and an unspotted reputation of being always on the market, with whatever appliance a customer might need.

Their control group stood out as one of the finest thermal engineering companies in the last few years. Their experience in the field of industrial valves and air conditioning has earned them a great respect in their field of work. Offering excellent services in a large array of house appliances, they have built a complex and high-quality product catalog, which includes thermo expansion , solenoid , system protectors, temperature and pressure controls, replacement coils, thermal regulators, oil level management systems and other similar products.

Alco Products

Being part of the thermal conditioning business for over 75 years, the Control Group (formerly known as the Alco Valve Company) quickly skyrocketed to being a top in HVAC appliances. In 1967, the company was acquired by Emerson Climate Technologies, a global leader in industrial automation, heating, air conditioning and ventilating. This combination proved to be a total success, since both companies profited immensely from the merger. Their was still able to keep its name, while subordinated to their parent and Emerson Climate Technologies started mass-production of the high-quality products, thus raising its business numbers dramatically. In 2002 for example, the company managed to achieve a sales number of $14 billion and Control had a large part in this accomplishment.

Controls’ main focus is on pressure valves, which they offer in a professional and high-quality package. Getting quality should be on your top priority list, since a good valve can keep your HVAC repair down. Their industrial come in all sizes and shapes, including ball , needle , manifold , gauge , distribution manifold and other valve-related accessories. Each of these products comes at a very reasonable price, being renowned for its advantageous price/quality balance.

The company’s valve selection of thermostatic expansion valves is designed for a wide range of refrigeration, heat pumping, air conditioning and chiller applications. You don’t have to be a tech genius in order to understand how a thermostatic expansion valve works. They are designed to regulate and control refrigerant liquid flow into the evaporator and the strength by which it does so, is proportional to the rate of evaporation of the liquid in the evaporator. Thus as soon as the refrigerant gas sizzles out of the evaporator, the thermostatic valve will intervene and regulate it. This will maintain a constant, preset heat amount that will keep your machine healthy.

To give you a more “hands-on” example, you can take a look at any in the foodservice industry. HVAC dealers in the foodservice business are faced with many intricate challenges that are unique to their production. Foodservice equipment must run at peak performance and reliability all the time and at all costs. The equipment is positioned in harsh settings and can often be hard to service. Foodservice dealers must also consider product quality and food safety measures, since a mistake in this area will greatly reduce their company’s presentation and reputation. Their products are perfect for these kinds of situations, since they can keep the situation cool for as long as it takes.

As part of the Emerson Climate Technologies Group, Control Inc is a brand that defines quality and time-tested reputation. Although the changed its name recently to Flow Controls, many are still used to the old name. Emerson Climate Technologies changed the name to Flow Control to express that from now on, their communication flow with the customers will be of extreme importance. As Emerson Climate Technologies’ business leader, Tom Bettcher stated, “the new Flow Control technology plays a vital role in keeping equipment in peak conditions and can be paired with other Emerson products like compressors, motors and controls”. This clearly states the importance of within the wider strategy plan of the company.

A great way to learn about the or there industrial valves, is to give us a call. Also the incorporated site of the Emerson Climate Technologies group offers more general information about the group, rather than the company itself. On the second hand however, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of there products and services, including thermal pressure valves, air-conditioning units, distribution manifolds and a wide array of other accessories.

The thermal engineering experts at the supply a great deal of HVAC products of outstanding quality and provide professional services in the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Their vast experience in these categories, make them a perfect choice for home or business appliances. The represents the very peak of quality and their large product catalog will definitely suit every one of your needs. You can order any kind of their parts, solenoid , thermal pressure , expansion valves, directly from HVAC Plus.