Buy Alco Driers

Most commonly known as filter, or simply driers, these Alco products are effective system protectors and helpful components that every HVAC should have. Their control’s legacy in producing quality driers gave them a resonant name in the industry. Their driers have made an internationally renowned name for themselves, proving to be an excellent buy for your heating, refrigerant or air conditioning .

Filter-driers can use either a liquid line or a suction line (or both) and their main use is to stop any incoming harmful elements such as dirt, metal pieces, or other residual materials that might clog your HVAC . If you do not use a filter-drier , there’s a great risk that such impurities end up in your system and either provoke malfunctions, slow equipment down or apply corrosive effects on the body structure of other components.

The most commonly affected components, on systems that do not use a filter-drier, are the capillary tubes, the valves and most importantly, the compressors. If these components are not protected from solid impurities or dirt, the negative effect on your system will be huge. Using their driers will lengthen the life of your components and of the overall system and your will thank you for it!

Filter-driers come in various capacities and shapes. The Alco ADKS series for example, are large capacity, which are mostly use for big refrigeration or air conditioning jobs. A safe working pressure for the ADKS drier is somewhere around 500 psig. The Alco ASK series on the other hand, are especially designed for smaller systems. These include a dual Schrader valve , molecular sieves and full copper fittings. These features enable the smaller ASK filter drier to handle less large heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Another popular drier is the BFK. The BFK comes in two basic sizes, depending on the power and usability of your HVAC . The BFK’s bi-directional dryer provides protection for heat pumps, refrigeration compressors and air conditioning operations. It also reduces complex piping and installation costs, because of its compact size and shape. All driers from the BFK can take a flow capacity of over 7 tons, while the largest of the series, the BFK-165S can hold up to 12.5 tons. The desiccant volume is either of 4.6 cu/in for the smaller versions and 10.0 cu/in for the rest.

Another well sought-after drier is the so-called STAS drier (Steel Take-Apart Shell drier). The STAS drier offers a great deal of flexibility, because of its structure, which permits the use of replaceable filter cores as protection against solid impurities, or the use of replaceable filter-drier blocks for protection against moisture or acid. They can be used in refrigeration or air-conditioning operations that are subject to a heavy flow capacity. Providing 15 STAS liquid line drier models and 8 suction line models, Alco gives you a great variety of choices in choosing a product to fit your needs.

Also common in a lot of systems throughout the world, is Alco’s EK series filter driers. With over 35 driers included in the EK category, they have managed to provide a price-friendly and reliable solution to personal, commercial or industrial operations. The EK series have a safe working pressure of 500 psig, and the average flow capacity of a drier is 13 tons, the smallest of the series, the EK – 032, having a low 2 tons capacity, while the EK – 419S, has a remarkable 35 tons maximum capacity. It should also be mentioned that the price difference between the two is almost 10 times bigger, in the favor of the EK – 419S.

Their company has an even larger variety of filter products, centered on 8 major drier series: the EK, ADK, BFK, ASD, ASF, SFD, ASK and STAS series. All products from these are constantly tested in the company's analysis labs and are guaranteed to produce reliable and high-quality services. Choosing a filter for your is up to you and it depends on your needs, your system’s size and the money you are able to invest. However, the cost, besides being a lower one than with other filter-drier manufacturers, will be well worth it, since these great components are essential to your overall system and will prove to save you a lot of maintenance and repair money in the future. In addition, the driers will help keep your at full-speed, by blocking any solid or acid contaminants that might enter the system and slow it down or cause malfunctions.

As a long-time partner of their controls, HVAC Plus can offer you any of the company’s filter-driers, without a wrangled price or any expensive additional taxes.