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The motorized ball valve is designed for an application where on/off control is adequate or as supplemental blowdown on a continuous blowdown system. A typical on/off application is for boiler blowdown control for small or medium sized boilers. These valves are used

as a component of GE Betz boiler blowdown systems. The motorized valve consists of an electric actuator and a 3-piece . The motor drives the valve through a permanently lubricated gear train, providing maintenance-free operation. The actuator features thermal overload protection, manual override, motor brake, and light indication terminals. The 3-piece is designed for easy service and repair without disturbing the piping connections. It incorporates an ISO mount for actuator removal and service, without sacrificing system integrity. HVAC control applications for motorized valves fall into the following three broad categories: sCentral plant, Air handling units, and Unitary equipment.KAITEMU MANUFACTURE (SICHUAN) CO., LTD. China Reputable Suppliers-Kuna’s - Sichuan ChengDu KAITEMU MANUFACTURE(SICHUAN) CO., LTD., manufacturers, suppliers, and products.

Velan has been the leader in providing uncompromising valve solutions to the power industry for the past fifty years. From service water to main steam isolation, Velan has now introduced the newest member of our flagship line of products, the Velan Power , for high pressure/temperature isolation in services up to ASME Class 4500 pressure rating. This rugged one-piece forged , with HVOF Chrome-Carbide coated ball, is built to take the toughest steam isolation applications in your plant vent, drain, blow off, intermittent blowdown with the performance and reliability that you have come to expect from Velan. The Velan Power is available in carbon, alloy, stainless, F91 and other specialty materials, and in socket weld or butt weld end connections.