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Air compressors motors are designed as replacements on domestic and commercial air compressors. They can also be used on other equipment applications including High Pressure Spray Washers, Cement Mixers, and Shop Equipment. They should be made so as to suit the different uses in different environments. To ensure this reliability and flexibility certain features need be imbibed in air compressors .They range in the following series.

There should be usage of powder paint used in air compressors on the shell and capacitor covers for improved corrosion-resistance (Exceeds 1000-hour salt spray test) .Moreover, the nameplate is made of UV-resistant Mylar with legible markings and should include a large connection diagram .The ball bearings used are double-shielded and permanently lubricated for the life of the motor. More features that mark importance are that the steel inserts should be employed in endshields to eliminate hammered-out bearing housings .The high reliability starting switch with contact wiping action should be proven to over 1,000,000 cycles without failure .The UL flammability rating should be of V-0 .The contacts are preset at the factory and should never need adjustment .Non-hygroscopic and anti-fungal materials should be used. The quick-connect terminals are clearly marked for easy connection through the large terminal box opening .The centrifugal mechanism should be manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials and coatings for extended life that matches the switch .The UL and CSA component recognition should meet local codes. Thus ,air compressors used should ensure a healthy life of the motor and act as a power saver and effective worker.