Buy AAF (Air Conditioning)

American Air Filter (AAF) International is the leading manufacturer of air filters and filtration products. The company was established to protect human health through cleaning the air. It recognizes the fact that the growth of the society depends on a clean environment. Every filter is made to precisely to meet the company's goal, which is product excellence. Our products are tested and manufactured to provide extensive clean air solutions.

An air filter will improve lives and protect each individual's health from airborne particles. Schools, museums, commercial buildings, airports, shopping malls and hospitals need to maintain good indoor quality (IAQ). This can be achieved by controlling temperature and humidity through the use of ventilation and air conditioning units. This helps in reducing pollutants that circulate in the area. Ventilation and air conditioning units that use an air filter are very efficient in creating a clean, healthy and odor free environment.

AAF International is committed to help their customers in reducing energy consumption. Accordingly, manufacturing facilities are being upgraded, thereby improving production of filter. This action paves the way for creating more efficient filtration products and helps lower energy consumption of the companies that use their products. The efforts of AAF International were recognized when the company was awarded with renewable energy project manufacturing tax credits last January 13, 2010.

There is a wide variety of filters that are available in the market, meeting the needs of many different kinds of companies. Since we caters to commercial industries, filters are designed to be study and durable. New technologies are constantly developed to increase efficiency on products. MEGAcel I with Helior Media is an AAF filter that was introduced in the market last September 2009. This product uses a lower fan motor horsepower which lowers the operating and energy cost of the customer. This filter is also made to withstand corrosive environments which will reduce the cost of repairs on units.

AAF International dominates air filtration industry all over the world. The company is committed in providing people with clean air. With our filter, your future is secured with a healthy environment.