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White-Rodgers has a complete line of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning products and controls to help you achieve environmental perfection in the home and business. We understand that real comfort is the combination of temperature, proper humidity and clean air. This can also have a positive effect on your family’s health. Whether your need is an electronic programmable thermostat or non-programmable thermostat, mechanical thermostat, water heater gas valve, gas pressure reducing valve, ignition control, transformer, electronic air cleaner or media air cleaner, humidifier or UV light, and now universal replacement controls, White Rogers gas valve is the name trusted by contractors for quality and reliability. And most of our programmable thermostats meet Energy Star guidelines. White-Rodgers is a trusted supplier to HVAC Original Equipment Manufacturers. When OEM’s wanted an option to silicon carbide igniters that was more robust and reliable, we pioneered Intell-Ignition technology. Today, Intell-Ignition with Nitride Ignition is the finest, most reliable gas ignition system available. Nitride Ignition proved so successful, HVAC contractors demanded an aftermarket replacement for silicon carbide igniters. We then developed the Universal Nitride Igniter Upgrade Kit. This one kit will replace virtually all silicon carbide systems in the field. When an application demands a tough, reliable igniter, think Nitride. The natural gas shut off valves have the connection number, CGA 580, and date code stamped onto the wrench flat of the valve body. The potentially impacted lots are identified by the date codes 48-99 and 03-00, found directly below the CGA 580 stamp. The valve supplier, Sherwood, Inc., has indicated that some cylinder valves in these lots may have received excessive torque to the bonnet during assembly, resulting in damaged threads. Several failures have been reported during cylinder filling, resulting in high pressure expulsion of the hand wheel and bonnet assemblies, with sufficient force to cause injury and property damage. Air Products and Sherwood recommend that users of gas cylinders containing argon, helium, nitrogen, non-flammable gas mixtures, or any other cylinders equipped with valves marked with the CGA 580 connection check the valves for stampings that state "CGA 580 48-99" or "CGA 580 03-00." If any such cylinders are found, immediately mark it with a DO NOT USE tag.

White Rodgers offers a full line of ventilation, air conditioning and heating products and controls to afford you the ease and comfort in the home as well as the business environment. We believe that true comfort comes as a result of the appropriate combination of clean air, temperature and proper humidity. These elements can positively impact the total wellbeing of your family.

Whether you are looking for a non-programmable thermostat, electronic programmable thermostat, mechanical thermostat, gas pressure reducing valve, water heater gas valve, ignition control, media air cleaner or electronic air cleaner, transformer, UV light or humidifier and universal replacement controls, White Rodgers gas valve is the trusted name for quality and reliability among dealers and contractors in the industry today. The majority of the programmable thermostats we offer meet energy efficiency requirements as stipulated in Energy star product guidelines.

White Rodgers is a dependable vendor of parts to HVAC Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We fulfilled the OEMs request for a robust and reliable alternative to silicon carbide igniters, by pioneering intell-ignition technology. We went above and beyond their expectation by coming up with Nitride Ignition, a high quality and most trusted gas ignition system available on the market today.

When contractors requested an aftermarket replacement unit for silicon carbide igniters, we came up with the universal Nitride Igniter Upgrade Kit. This kit was specifically developed to replace all silicon carbide systems currently in the field. If you are looking for a sturdy, reliable igniter, look no further than the Nitride ignition system. It is robust, more durable and specifically built to last for a long time. The date code is engraved on the valve body and the connection number for the natural gas shut off valve is CGA 580.

Sherwood, Inc. has advised that some cylinder valves in the above mentioned lot may have undergone excessive twisting to the bonnet, during assembly and this may have compromised the product by causing damage to the threads. Lots that have been impacted can be easily recognized by the date codes 48-99 and 03-00, which can be found right below the CGA 580 imprint. There have been reports of several failures during cylinder filling, which caused high pressure expulsion of the bonnet assemblies and hand wheel, with enough force to result in injury as well as property damage.

Sherwood and Air products highly recommend that users with gas cylinders containing nitrogen, helium, argon and non-flammable gas mixtures and cylinders furnished with valves engraved with the CGA 580 connection, examine the valves for markings that read CGA 580 48-99 or CGA 580 03-00 . The DO NOT USE label need to be used to mark and separate all cylinders with the stated lot numbers.