Buy White Rodgers: Filter Driers

The White Rodgers line of filter driers are among the best in the industry for accomplishing this special task. Filter driers serve as the cleaning agent in the air conditioning or refrigerant lines of an heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration or HVACR system. The filter drier is vital in preventing contaminants from reaching components such as the compressor.

Moisture or contaminants in the cooling system can ultimately result in buildups that can lead to problems and failure of the compressor. This situation can result in downtime for the system and rather expensive repairs. A quality filter drier from White Rodgers is one of the best ways to insure the long life and most economical operation of the HVACR system.

Moisture within the cool refrigerant system can react with the oils that are a natural part of the HFC refrigerants used in most modern cooling systems. The moistures and oils can bond forming an acid that corrodes the internal components of the system leading to possible failures. The acidic compounds formed by the oil and water can also result in a rather sticky substance that can plug small ports or openings and reduce the efficiency of the entire cooling system.

The oils that are inherent to the coolant also can carry any sort foreign material found within the closed coolant system. This can include any dusts remaining within the system from the construction as well as any free materials that may result from wear during the operation of the HVACR system. Proper filtration and removal of these items from the refrigerant can vastly improve the longevity of the system.

The high-quality filter driers designed and built by White Rodgers meet and exceed these basic requirements. In addition, the drier filters include a bypass relief valve. This valve allows refrigerant to bypass the valve if the refrigerant pressure becomes too low. This prevents damage to compressor motors from an inadequate supply of refrigerant.

White Rodgers offers several models of filter driers in a variety of capacities and configurations. One model of particular note in the 96 TS which is designed for use in systems that have experienced a compressor failure and may have excessive foreign materials left within the systems pipes from the burned out unit. The 96 TD series of filter driers feature nickel plating for increased durability and operation under high pressure.

Providers of quality HVACR system components such as HVACPlus.com carry the complete line of White Rodgers filter driers along with the connectors and other components necessary for installation.