Buy White Rodgers: Controls Company

The White Rodgers company dates back to 1937 and was formed by a group of engineers from the Emerson Electric Company. Developing a new kind of control device for use in stacks, thermostats and other HVAC appliances, the group was initially named Missouri Automatic Controls. The name changed to White Rodgers Electric Company later to reflect the name of its main engineers: Jim Rodgers and Chesterfield White. These two innovators were widely considered to be some the most innovative engineers in the HVAC industry.

Initially, White Rodgers focus primarily on hydraulic control applications. Through the years, they have expanded their offerings to include devices for generating heat, air conditioning products and systems for ventilation. These systems are used by engineers, contractors, homeowners and those who provide installations for others. By concentrating on the combination of efficiency and comfort, White Rodgers has become one of the top HVAC companies in the world. Their products have been used in both industrial and commercial settings, and they have become popular for use in office buildings, schools, hotels, nursing homes and hospitals, and White Rodgers thermostat systems have been met with acclaim in these environments.

Whether one is looking for a simple thermostat, and mechanical thermostat, a digital thermostat or a White Rodgers programmable thermostat, White Rodgers has products to consider. In addition, they are known for providing White Rodgers control valves, transformers, various air cleaning devices and expansion valves to provide top-notch safety. White Rodgers has won a number of awards and high praise from contractors and engineers for their reliability and top performance.

Their digital, programmable and non-programmable thermostats come in three main categories and price points. The Premium 90 Series thermostat is there top-of-the-line model while their Standard 80 Series and Economy 70 Series thermostats fill out the rest of their offerings. Their programmable thermostats have gained certification as Energy Saving Products and meet guidelines of Energy Start. Further, their electric thermostats are widely hailed for their ability to provide the utmost in comfort.

Whether you are looking for heat systems, chiller devices, motors, air handler installations or pump devices, White Rodgers has something to suit your needs. Further, their age of maturity help ensure that you will not be left without support if you need help along the way. Their reputation is stellar, and their support within the industry is high. When it comes to purchasing a reliable, effective and affordable system, White Rodgers is one of the premier choices available in today's HVAC industry. Whether you need a new system or simple some spares, you cannot go wrong when you buy White Rodgers.