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Buy Westinghouse Parts

Westinghouse has been in business for well over one hundred years. Since their beginning, they have been constantly at the front of the line in HVAC and commercial heating and air conditioning design and manufacturing as well as HVAC replacement parts. Many of Westinghouse's breakthroughs in industrial heating and air conditioning still stand as remarkable tribute to the innovation and vision of Westinghouse founder, George Westinghouse who was a pioneer in a number of fields besides heating and air conditioning, such as electrical generation technology and refrigeration technology.

Today, Westinghouse is still a leader in the industrial heating and air conditioning systems market. Their HVAC systems can be found in commercial and industrial buildings in more than 100 countries and on six continents around the world. Westinghouse also provides one of the best product warranties available in the HVAC heating and air conditioning business. All of Westinghouse's heating and air conditioning systems come with a ten year warranty that includes an all parts warranty and Quality Pledge. All heating and air conditioning products include a 10-year compressor warranty for extended protection and peace of mind. You can't go wrong with a ten year warranty which guarantees you'll have a good night's sleep every night.

Westinghouse has a large selection of industrial and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. They have dual systems that are comprised of an air conditioner and a heat pump which provide extreme energy efficiency as well as quiet and smooth operation. These dual systems are available for both large and small applications and can provide optimum climate control at minimal expense. Westinghouse is also a leading manufacturer of gas and oil furnaces for heating applications.

If ever you need HVAC replacement parts for your commercial or industrial grade heating and air conditioning systems, Westinghouse can take care of you. They manufacture and supply a large selection of repair and replacement HVAC parts for your every need. Leadership, innovation and outstanding product and system designs are what make Westinghouse a name that has been around for more than a hundred years and what guarantees that they'll be around for more than a hundred years to come.


The Westinghouse Company has served people and businesses for over one century. Since it was founded, Westinghouse has been a leader in creating and designing HVAC products as well as providing HVAC parts to individuals and businesses around the world. Over the years, Westinghouse has achieved a number of successes in terms of innovation and advances in the areas of air conditioning and industrial heating. These successes point to George Westinghouse, the founder of the Westinghouse Company. He was an early leader in many areas besides HVAC including refrigeration and electrical generation technology.

In the present-day, Westinghouse continues to be a global leader in terms of industrial heating and air condition systems technology. Westinghouse products and HVAC systems are found in over one hundred countries and are in Africa, Asia, North America, South American, Europe and Australia.

The Westinghouse Company is known for having one of the finest warranties in the industry that deal with HVAC heating and air conditioning. Each HVAC Westinghouse system has a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers every heating or air conditioning part and includes the Westinghouse Quality Pledge. In addition to this, each HVAC product has a compressor warranty that is good for 10 years. Westinghouse desires that every customer, whether a business or individual, has contentment and satisfaction with their products for years to come.

There is a large assortment of HVAC heating and air conditioning systems whether the company or individual needs an industrial or commercial system for schools, homes, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, nursing homes or other places. Dual systems are available that promote energy savings as well as efficient operations. Westinghouse has spent countless hours perfecting chillers, motors, air handlers, motors, pumps, controls and much more so that customers will have the best experience with their products. The result of this is that customers do not have to spend addition income on spares or trying to increase or decrease the amount of heat in a given space. Furthermore, Westinghouse is one of the leading manufacturers for oil and gas furnaces in creating heat.

Companies and individuals who are looking for certain parts for an HVAC industrial or commercial system, whether it be for a heating or air conditioning system, Westinghouse can assist with those needs. The company has an abundant amount of HVAC replacement parts. The Westinghouse Company, which has excelled in HVAC systems and other technologies for over one hundred years, will continue to bring quality, products, design and leadership for future years and generations.