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Trane has been in the HVAC business for more than a century, providing heating and air conditioning and climate control solutions for large scale commercial business building projects. Founded by James Trane and his son, Reuben who was a mechanical engineer and inventor, Trane has been at the forefront of heating, air conditioning, and climate control technology since its inception. It was Reuben's invention of the convector radiator used in heating that propelled the Trane name into the spotlight and into everyday recognition.

In 1931, Trane once again proved to the world that through innovation and ingenuity, world concepts could be changed. The concept of air conditioning revolutionized the climate control industry and essentially gave birth to the HVAC systems we know and rely on today to provide comfort and safety while remaining energy efficient. Today, Trane offers the highest quality heating and air conditioning systems available. Trane heating and air conditioning systems are so widely regarded and used, that on any given day a new Trane heating or air conditioning system is installed every single minute! Trane offers industrial and commercial heating and cooling solutions for every kind of need.

Trane's commercial air conditioning systems are state of the art, energy efficient and used all over the world. Their centrifugal chillers are proven to be nearly 14% more energy efficient than their competitor's models which has earned them numerous awards and commendations from around the globe. Trane's HVAC controls are designed to be user friendly while helping to maintain perfect temperatures, ventilation and humidity in any building. Trane's most popular HVAC systems, their split system heating and air conditioning units are used extensively by discerning customers who want the best value combined with the most energy efficient systems. Not only does Trane design and manufacture the best HVAC heating and cooling systems on the market, they also manufacture replacement parts to ensure that your heating and cooling systems stay running smoothly throughout their lifetime.

The best sourse for value and most reliable heating and air conditioning HVAC systems, trust Trane to provide outstanding service and excellence for all of your climate control needs.


If you are looking for a company with a long-standing tradition of providing HVAC products and services, you can find few as trusted as Trane. Trane has been doing business in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry for more than 100 years. They provide everything a commercial project needs for industrial quality climate systems.

James Trane and his son, Reuben, founded Trane. Reuben was an inventor and engineer. The two started a long tradition of manufacturing outstanding products and being on the leading edge of innovation. Reuben invented the use of the convector radiator and Trane became nearly a household name. They did not stop there. Reuben again struck the world with the name Trane in 1931, proving that his inventiveness in the field of HVAC was unmatched. When air conditioning hit the scene, it changed everything, but Trane stayed on top of the changing industry and is now a leader in air conditioning systems.

In order to put the success of Trane and its trustworthiness into perspective, remember that every minute of every day, a Trane system is installed, be it heat system or an air conditioning system, Trane is producing them as fast as they are installed. This is likely, at least in part, due to the fact that Trane is known for having energy efficient products that you can find all over the globe.

Trane centrifugal chillers have been tested and shown to be roughly 14% energy efficient than the leading competitors. This achievement has earned the company a few awards, but what is important is that they are producing products that users can manage and that keep temperature, humidity and air circulation in control in every building where Trane systems are installed. The most installed Trane systems are split systems that provide heating and air conditioning. They have controls that allow for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

If you are in the market for a new system, Trane has everything you could possibly need, but that is not all. Just looking for a spare, pump, air handler or motors? Trane makes replacement parts for your systems. This means you can keep your Trane system up and running, even after parts reach their expected lifetime.

You can rely on Trane to offer reliable and efficient systems that you can place in buildings where climate is of the utmost importance, such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes. You can have them installed in buildings where multiple areas will require different controls, such as hotels and office buildings. You can depend on Trane, no matter the project.