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Buy HVAC Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats, Heat Pump Thermostat, Digital Thermostat and Line Voltage Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can be in the form of a digital thermostat, heat pump thermostat, or line voltage thermostat, and HVAC repair technicians use them all! The main thing you want in a programmable thermostat is low cost. There are many quality manufacturers of spare thermostats for hvac technicians to choose from, but a simple part number put into our search bar will connect you with the best deal from the best programmable thermostat manufacturer.

Whatever part you need, we will have it in stock or be able to get it to you fast even if you have a rare programmable thermostat need.

HVAC PLUS can get you the perfect programmable thermostat for every job, every time. Digital thermostats can be the most expensive programmable thermostats to use but are required by the job you are on, and they are no less easy to find using our search feature.

Just plug in your programmable thermostat part number and the HVAC search will take care of finding the precise programmable thermostat you need for the lowest price available. Whether you need a heat pump replacement thermostat or a line voltage thermostat, we have the programmable thermostat you need at the click of a button!

Being based in Houston Texas, the hvac capital of the world, we never get stumped on Thermostats or any other hvac repair part you might need.


Programmable Thermostats, Heat Pump Thermostat, Digital Thermostat and Line Voltage Thermostats

HVAC thermostats that offer the most precise control and the greatest energy efficiency for the systems are programmable thermostats. They are designed for use with all types of heating and air conditioning systems including heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners and air handlers. Line voltage thermostats are also available in programmable models. Most programmable thermostats are digital. Theses HVAC thermostats provide the most accurate control of climate and other functions operated by the thermostat.

When you buy HVAC thermostats, you'll find a wide range of programmable, digital thermostats to meet the specific needs of the system it will control. Some offer programming up to 7 days, so you'll have the flexibility to set up the HVAC system's schedule for an entire week. Programming the thermostat allows you to lower the heat when the room or building that the system serves is not being occupied. Lower heat produces cost savings on utility bills of up to 20% during the cold months. Similar savings can be realized during the warm months when you program the temperature of the room or building to be higher when it is empty.

When you buy HVAC thermostats that can be programmed, you also ensure a comfortable environment when people are using the space. For example, if an office suite is empty during the weekend, you can program the heating system to lower the heat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The system can be programmed to raise the temperature early Monday, so that when people come to work, the building is a comfortable 70 degrees.

A heat pump thermostat is an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate in all seasons. A digital thermostat will deliver control of temperature as well as humidity and possibly air filtration. Line voltage thermostats will ensure the safety and performance of your system, reducing the risk of thermal overloads that can damage equipment and cause significant downtimes.

Residential and commercial HVAC contractors understand that when they buy HVAC thermostats from HVAC Plus, they'll enjoy the best selection online. The brands we carry represent the very best in the heating and air conditioning industry. Buy HVAC thermostats and parts made by Honeywell, Snyder General, AAF-Herman Nelson, Ritetemp, Totaline, Robert Shaw, White Rodgers, Ranco and other leading brands. HVAC pros buy HVAC thermostats from us because they know they'll find what they want at prices that beat the competition online and at local wholesale outlets. And when you buy HVAC thermostats from HVAC Plus, we'll make sure your parts are on the next truck headed your way.