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Taco valve Zone and Flow Control Valves are designed to create and control individual zones or isolate equipment in a hydronic heating system. They are engineered for reliability and built with all the quality you expect from Taco. There are millions of Taco Zone Valves in use and they are the industrys top choice for consistent performance. Honeywell Zone Valve models fit standard hydronic heating applications. The zone valves are straight-through, normally closed valves for 24 volt 50/60 Hz, with end switch. These valves solder directly to 3/4” or 1” copper piping and are used primarily as a safety valve during power outages for wood fired boilers. Erie Hydronic Zone Valve is a brass electronic modulating zone valve that controls the flow of hot water. A Rodgers valve white zone valve reduces pressure to a preset level downstream of the valve and a pressure sustaining valve maintains pressure at a preset level upstream of the valve. Steam boilers usually exceed to higher pressure limitations of the equipment, which can be controlled back with the help of pressure relief valves. The pressure relief valve is used after the reading of the pressure observed from the pressure measuring instrument

White-Rodgers has a complete line of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning products and controls to help you achieve environmental perfection in the home and business. We understand that real comfort is the combination of temperature, proper humidity and clean air. This can also have a positive effect on your families health. White-Rodgers is a trusted supplier to HVAC Original Equipment Manufacturers. When OEMs wanted an option to silicon carbide ignitors that was more robust and reliable, we pioneered Intell-Ignition technology. Today, Intell-Ignition with Nitride Ignition is the finest, most reliable gas ignition system available.


Taco flow and zone control valves were engineered to manage individuals and zones in HVAC installations. Designed for hydronic heating systems, taco valve control valves are some most recent additions to the HVAC industry. Despite how new they are, millions of taco zone valves are already in use in a variety of industries. Useful in residential, commercial and industrial environments, taco zone valves are becoming more popular every year. Honeywell is one of the leading manufacturers of taco zone valves. These valves fit to standard hydronic heating devices, and they can be sold or directly to standard copper piping.

Honeywell is not the only manufacturer of zone valve products; the Erie hydronic zone valve is an electronic modulating zone valve. Designed to control the flow of hot water, the Erie valve is useful in a number of residential, commercial and industrial environments. There is widely considered to be one of the most innovative companies in the HVAC industry, and the versatility of their valves makes them useful in a number of installations.

White-Rodgers supplies products to OEM providers. Recently, he released options to silicon carbide igniters. Silly can carbide igniters perform well, but many HVAC operators are before a more durable and reliable solution. In response, White-Rodgers released their Intell-Ignition technology. By using an advanced nitride ignition system, White-Rodgers has released what might be the most reliable gas ignition system on the market.

Those who work in the HVAC industry come to rely on certain manufacturers. Even though HVAC products are tightly regulated thoroughly tested, some manufacturers stand out among those who use them. Fortunately, operators and installers have a number of great brands to choose from; some of the most popular include Honeywell, Erie and White-Rodgers. Between these three brands, most working HVAC industry will find viable options for most installations.

At HVACPLUS, we understand the importance of using top-not parts. Because of this, we take steps to ensure that we provide our customers with the best brands available. In addition, we ensure that we are well stocked with as many brands as possible. There is nothing more frustrated than realizing that your legacy system is no longer supported; we may be able to help.

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