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Staefa Control System specializes in HVAC control products. Their line of Siemens controllers includes pneumatic and electronic controllers, pneumatic and electronic actuators, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, pneumatic and electric thermostats, and a wide variety of valve lines. As the only leading building automation provider that manufacturers its own line of VFDs, Staefa now offers the commercial builder the most integrated and seamless HVAC solutions available.

Originally established as Staefa Control System more than 40 years ago, Staefa remains a reputable leader in HVAC control and building management systems. Staefa was owned by Electrowatt Group, a Swiss-based holding company. In 1996, Electrowatt merged Staefa with newly acquired Landis & Gyr, and created the worldwide organization, Landis & Staefa, Inc. In 1998 Landis & Staefa became a brand of Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

The Staefa Control System brand leads the industry with the new TALON open protocol building control system. Authorized Staefa dealers throughout the Americas provide the best in open systems and customer service.

A wide range of full featured temperature and combination temperature/humidity sensors offer pleasing aesthetics, fast response, superior control, LCD display, setpoint adjustment, and occupant override capability.

* Two-line, alphanumeric LCD display. * Flush mounted bypass button allows occupants to override unoccupied mode. * Easy-to-read graphic symbols indicate operating modes.

Complete your control system with a wide range of precise space temperature, air quality, duct temperature and air velocity sensors. Click the following links to go to the Siemens Sensors catalog:

* Electronic Sensors * Thermostats & Hygrostats

The LonTalk Two-Port and Three-Port Repeaters amplify controller communication activity to extend the length of bus and free topology subnets. The repeaters are physical layer devices that allow a free topology configuration to extend beyond the 500-meter limit that would otherwise apply - or a bus topology configuration to extend beyond the 1,400-meter limit that would otherwise apply. The Repeaters allow system installers to take full advantage of the 127-node capacity provided by LonTalk.

LonMark®-certified family of controllers provides full-featured control of HVAC equipment with flexible, universal I/O. Predator VAV Actuator incorporates Direct-mount 24 VAC non-spring return plenum rated rotary actuator. Predator Four Loop Controller contains 4 internally cascaded PID loops and programming logic to control a variety of equipment.

Predator models control this equipment, with more applications to come:

* VAV and CV pressure independent zone boxes * Unit ventilators – ASHRAE Cycle II * Single- and multi-stage compressor heat pumps * Fan coil units * Perimeter heat units * Four loop control for: o Hot water converters o Simple heating and cooling plants o 2 VAV rooms o IAQ routines o Humidity control o 3 Sensor inputs loops o VFD control o Fan tracking o Heat recovery units o Emergency generators o Up to 4 stat to valves o Up to 4 booster coils o Miscellaneous input / output points

What makes the Staefa Control System brand different from the rest? It’s our best total package solution that includes:

* The latest open protocol HVAC building control system * Leading edge building controls technology * A complete building control system, HVAC control components and VFDs from a single source * LonMark certified and compliant equipment controllers * A strong factory certified Staefa Dealer Network.

To request more information on your next building controls system, please visit their website. is the official website for Staefa Control System. The site features an overview of Staefa’s line of HVAC control products, an extensive technical library, and a searchable online catalog. There is a search locator for dealers around the world who offer Staefa products, as well as links to training, new dealer inquiries, and career opportunities. There are white papers and case studies available online, and visitors to the site can find out the latest news about the company. There is even a site-wide search engine. For all your commercial HVAC controller needs, visit

Are you looking to buy Siemens Landis and Staefa room thermostats? These are some of the best HVAC products you can find in the world. Before you purchase a thermostat, you have to find out about what your options are.

Staefa Control system is a specialty provider of HVAC control products. Whether you need Siemens controllers or something else, they have you covered. Some of the Siemens line of products that you can find includes electronic and pneumatic controllers, electronic and pneumatic actuators, thermostats, temperature sensors, and a variety of valve lines. They are a leading provider of building automation supplies and they feature their own line of VFDs - something virtually unheard of in the market.

The Staefa Company has the HVAC solutions needed for even the most commercial applications.

The company was started more than 40 years ago and has since grown into a worldwide manufacturer known for their high quality parts and impressive engineering technology. Staefa had been operated by the Electrowatt Group until 1996 when it merged with Landis & Gyr. In 1998, it again went through changes and became part of the Siemens brand.

The Staefa brand is an industry leader and currently features the TALON building control system, which is open-protocol. There are dealers throughout the United States that feature the brand and have the high-end customer service that you need. is the official site for the company, allowing you to become familiar with the products and look through the technical library. If you are still unsure of what you need, it's best to call in a professional technician to help you with your HVAC and building automation needs to be sure you buy the part you need.

There is a full range of sensors that provide a fast response, an LCD display and an adjustment of the set point. These will control temperature, humidity and much more, providing not only control but an aesthetically pleasing design.

Some of the features that you will see include:

- Two-line

- Alphanumeric display

- Flush-mounted buttons

- Occupants can override modes

- Easy to read graphics

You will be able to find an array of electronic sensors, zone boxes, unit ventilators, heat pumps, emergency generators, heating and cooling plants, actuators and much more. These provide programming logic to make setup simple.

When you wish to control your system completely, the Staefa room thermostats have the easy configurations you need for air velocity, air quality, duct temperature and virtually everything else that you will need.

It's easy to find Siemens Landis room thermostats as well as Staefa room thermostats at HVAC Plus. No matter what you need, we have it in stock and can ship it out to you quickly.