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Improving indoor environments involves improving both the quality of air and the efficiency of its delivery by utilizing technology that provides cost-effective control of indoor environments. It requires specialized skills, broad experience, and technological expertise to properly apply this technology to the specific challenges and needs of today.

Since 1963, SEMCO has pioneered products and services that improve indoor environments. Today, they are a worldwide innovator of desiccant-based products and systems able to recover energy, increase ventilation, and control humidity. They are also among the world’s largest fabricators of energy-efficient spiral pipe and fittings, acoustical enclosures, and sound attenuators. You need solutions and support: they provide both. Customers worldwide have come to rely upon SEMCO for proven technologies and service. products

SEMCO has built an international reputation with its acoustical and air quality control esigned for improving indoor environments.

Most recently, its industry-leading application of desiccant-based technology has garnered the company much attention. This technology makes it possible to provide state-of-the-art energy recovery systems that help customers meet ASHRAE Standard 62 indoor air quality requirements while simultaneously conserving energy.

Since it’s founding in 1963 as a sheet metal fabrication company with five employees, SEMCO has built a reputation as a world-wide product innovator in the science of air movement, noise abatement, and air quality, with more than 300 employees and more than 300 manufacturer’s representatives.

SEMCO is a privately held company with headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. The company operates six manufacturing facilities at the following locations.

The facilities in Salisbury, Riviera Beach, and Roanoke all produce high quality spiral, rolled, round, and oval duct products for commercial, architectural and industrial HVAC applications.

The Crossville facility produces acoustical panels and silencers for various markets, including HVAC, highway and cooling tower barriers, manufacturing equipment barriers, manufacturing production lines, paint facilities, acoustic barriers for sports facilities and airports, and almost any other situation where noise pollution might be a concern.

If you’re responsible for indoor air quality or energy management, and you’re interested in cost-effective systems that can make indoor environments more comfortable, talk to them. You’ll discover, as many others have already, that the expertise of SEMCO lets you breathe a lot easier.

SEMCO’s offers a wide range of noise abatement remedies for commercial, architectural and industrial applications. These include silencers for HVAC applications, acoustic barriers, thermal panel systems, and highway barriers. Silencer products address high, medium and low octave band frequencies. Custom Silencers such as media free models, transfer models, and elbow models, are available in a wide range of configurations, materials and performances. Acoustic and thermal panel enclosures are available in a wide range of standard and custom widths (2", 4", 6", and 8”) and come in a wide range of materials types and performances. SEMCO also offers a No-Thru-Metal panel system where thermal transmission is a design concern. All of SEMCO Acoustic products are independently tested.

They offer a complete line of desiccant-based products and systems that recover energy, increase ventilation and control humidity. Based on their patented EXCLU-SIEVE® technology, they provide the most cost effective solution to the dilemma facing designers as a result of ASHRAE 62; providing continuous ventilation while controlling humidity at any operating condition.

SEMCO offers a comprehensive, high quality, line of spiral, rolled round and oval duct products for commercial, architectural and industrial applications. Duct products are available in a wide range of product grades and materials for low, medium, and high velocity applications including exposed, underground, special material handling, manifolded, industrial, coated, and gasketed duct systems. Our spiral round and oval systems offer the economics of automation and mass production while still accommodating the custom solutions required for special applications.