Buy Robertshaw: Zoning Control

With over 100 years of experience in the field of HVAC system control and general control appliances, Robertshaw ascended as one of the industry’s leaders of the last few decades. One market where they really stood out of the crowd and found numerous opportunities that plunged them on top of the industry is the temperature control market sector. Offering a large variety of mechanical thermostats, programmable thermostats and non-programmable thermostats, control panels, dampers and other zoning temperature control components, the Company has earned the acclaim of HVAC contractors, HVAC engineers, HVAC system administrators and home users all over the World. One of the most sought after features in modern day temperature control systems, is zoning control and they offers zoning temperature control through some outstanding products.

Zoning temperature control is a feature of your heating or cooling HVAC system, which allows you to specify which zone of your house, building or commercial venue should be heated or chilled. For example, picture a family of three, where the father enjoys to read his morning newspaper in the living room and wants the air in the room to be refreshing and cooler, the mother is an accountant and works in the office room, where she wants a moderate temperature setting and their child, who is sensitive to cold, needs his bedroom to be hotter than the rest of his house, especially at night. Now, with a normal temperature control system, all three of them needed to use the same temperature setting, but with the new zoning control systems, the family can set the thermostats, dampers and control panel to make the living room more chillier for the father, the office room to keep a moderate temperature setting and the child’s bedroom to be hotter, so he doesn’t get sick. All of this is done with a simple turn of a notch and a press of a button.

Today’s future new homeowners can plan their “home of their dreams” from a wide array of architectural options and upscale amenities: lofts, floor to ceiling windows, multiple skylights, atriums, or vaulted ceilings help contribute to roomy, open living areas and modern life styles. Most of these, if not all of them, custom design decisions will significantly impact the internal temperature control capabilities within their home, especially those that have 2,500 square feet or more of living space. What’s comfortable for one room may be too cool or too warm for another, thus maintaining a desirable temperature in every room by day and at night is almost impossible, the only solution for the job being zoning control.

Let’s take a quick look at how the company handles zoning temperature control with their large array of thermostats, control panels and dampers. Each zone (in the above example, each room) has its own thermostat attached, which is wired directly to a logic control panel, in order to manage heating or cooling demands. The logic control panel is the “smart manager” of the zoning temperature control system, prioritizing requirements for cooling and heating and responding to those requests by activating either the air conditioner or the heating element.

Each of the preset zones has their own dampers (with the appropriate blade system), which in turn are controlled by the logic panel. The dampers are installed in the ductwork of your HVAC system to provide hot or cold air to the zone requesting it. The dampers close and open as the attached actuator tells them, the actuator receiving temperature control electric signal from the control panel and turning these signals in the mechanical actions required to operate the dampers. This way, temperatures are kept extremely comfortable and even throughout the home, daily and nightly, they match all comfort preferences and expectations of the contemporary and changing lifestyles.

A zoning control system consists of the following Robertshaw elements: Robertshaw control panels, Robertshaw thermostats and Robertshaw dampers. The control panel (the Robertshaw SlimZone Classic series for example) offer and intelligent control system with the possibility to control 1, 2 or 3 zones. They are compatible with all programmable, non-programmable, digital thermostats, as long as they are designed for zoning and they have the programmability option to separate zones. The control panels can be configured to handle electric, heat, gas or heat pump systems and have an ultra-slim profile (hence the name), which allows them to be installed almost anywhere you need them.

The thermostats can be either programmable or non-programmable and they are compatible with Robertshaw control panels and Robertshaw dampers. The programmable thermostats can be set to follow a weekly or daily temperature control program, while the non-programmable ones automatically handle this. Just set your required temperature setting for your house zone and the thermostat will “tell” your dampers to close or open, in order for you to get more heat or chill. All the thermostat models offer a manual override control, in case you want to specifically adjust temperature settings.

Last but not least, the Robertshaw dampers are especially designed for the control of temperature zoning systems. They are installed in the ductwork of the heating, ventilation or air conditioning system and they control the airflow that comes inside your home. The blades can be closed or opened, depending on your needs and are operated by an actuator. They are usually made out of iron, plastic or other hard materials that do not allow air to pass through and that can stop a malfunctioning of your system in the ductwork. Dampers automatically respond to your settings made from the thermostat or the control panel and if you have a zoning system, you can control each damper separately. Robertshaw dampers are extremely quiet, so you won’t hear that mechanical annoying sound when they change blade position and they offer a durable and dependable design that will make your HVAC system more reliable than ever.

If you intend on installing a zoning control system to your home, Robertshaw might be your best choice. Choose your required thermostat, control panel or damper and order it directly through our site and obtain it in a matter of days, to your doorstep. THe zoning control systems are among the most reliable and of the highest quality you will be able to find and HVAC Plus is proud to be a premium wholesaler of the manufacturer’s components, tools, accessories and other HVAC products.


Zoning systems from Robertshaw are used in large homes and commercial settings to produce a comfortable indoor climate while reducing energy use. Robertshaw is a leader in this facet of the heating, air conditioning and ventilation industry. Its zone control products can keep your living or working space comfortable when in use and reduce utility costs when the space is not occupied. HVAC professionals buy Robertshaw zoning control products for spaces over 2,500 feet. They allow customization of the climate and HVAC schedule in each zone to meet its requirements and usage. Here is an overview of the Robertshaw SlimZone logic panels for 2-19 zones

Robertshaw SlimZone Classic 2 or 3 Zone Logic Panel

This is the Robertshaw SlimZone Classic (SZC) 2701 Series logic panel for two or three zones. It is suitable for use with single-stage heating and air conditioning components. The 2701 Series works with single heat source systems, dual fuel systems and units offering auxiliary heat. Each zone has a separate thermostat for tailored climate control.

Robertshaw SlimZone Deluxe 3 to 7 Zone Logic Panel

This is the Robertshaw SlimZone Deluxe (SZD) 2701-002 Series logic panel for up to seven zones. It's ideal for large homes or light-commercial buildings using zoned climate control. Motorized zone dampers work to customize each zone separately. Starting with three zones, the system is expandable by adding SZDEX 2701-003 boards with two-zone capability. This logic panel accommodates two SZDEX expansion boards. Contractors buy Robertshaw zoning control boards to better serve the independent HVAC requirements of each zone.

Robertshaw SlimZone Premier 3 to 19 Zone Logic Panel

This is the Robertshaw SlimZone Premier 2702 Series. It gives you the ability to customize up to 19 zones by adding a series of two-zone SlimZone Expansion Modules known as SZEX modules. The SZEX modules are added to the base three-zone system, and up to eight modules can be combined to bring the number of zones controlled to 19. When you buy Robertshaw zoning control products in this series, you'll need a Robertshaw DSL-520P communicating zone thermostat for each zone.

Robertshaw SlimZone Premier DSL-520P Zone Thermostat

Used with the SlimZone 3-19 zone logic panel, this communicating thermostat exchanges data with the system control module to maximize climate comfort in each zone.

These are the basic building blocks of a high-tech, highly-functional zoned HVAC system. When you buy Robertshaw zoning control products listed here, you're choosing the industry leader for performance, efficiency and value. HVAC Plus supplies HVAC professionals throughout the industry with all of these parts at unbeatable prices.